Monday, December 27, 2010

what did you all do for Christmas....

What?! Christmas was this weekend?!
Um...I know how you feel, it was just another weekend to me! Where are my long holiday weekends??!! (you know I checked it, of course, next year Sunday, the year after Tuesday, damn you Leap Year!)
Well, now that can say you learned something, I'll let you know how great my weekend was!

Jason and Steph got here early on Friday morning. Jason and Ben hit the slopes as Steph and I got some food started and ran out to do my xmas shopping. Yes, I did say xmas shopping.  Why did you wait until the last day, you ask. Well I live on the edge. That or I am lazy.

Most likely the later.

After buying Ben a movie he owns, we headed home, watched "Marley and Me", cried, napped and started our apps.

Ben and Jason were back soon after and we were able to eat our amazing Christmas Eve meal! It was delish. We went southern this year with ribs, homemade mac and cheese and some great green bean casserole. Which started the conversation "why do we only eat green bean casserole at holidays?" and to this we determine, "it is silly, there is no reason." We then ran out and bought up the grocery store in French's onions.

Present time! Wow, do we feel loved this year! Thanks so much for all the Christmas presents, we seriously opened presents for a couple hours!

As for the Second Annual Triple S Christmas we decided to head up to Solitude and hit the slopes. We did some shredding, met Santa and had some Pabst. Couldn't have asked for a better day. are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

well hellloooo stranger...

I know, I know it's been a while. I'm sure I've been missed.
Actually... hey Heather. How's the family? I know you're the only person who reads my blog (and I know this when you text me to tell me to update my blog again, and why wouldn't I wait two more weeks after that, well...Merry Christmas sister!).
Luckily I waited as our last month has been pretty lame to say the least and didn't have much to update on anyway.
The best part of course was our visit to MN to see my beautiful new nephew! How amazing it is to meet a new family member and I now think I am this much close to know what unconditional love it. Seeing someone so small and knowing you get to be a part of there life forever is so rewarding. I honestly have never felt homesick since we moved to Utah, but going home was so hard after that visit and I now wish I lived closer to family. I miss you guys!
After that mini trip, which was our family Christmas, B and I have been saving money (like usual) and snowboarding. that a conundrum? Well as long as you are asking yes, (and yes, I made sure that was used correctly). Of course I am spending money snowboarding, but no I am not shopping for anything else. No, seriously not at all! No new cloths since October. So hard! Seriously, just to tied me over, I went to a store, picked out multiple cloths and walked around the store before I put them away and left empty handed. I don't know what is more pathetic, doing that or missing shopping so bad I actually did that.
Well, thanks for letting me vent.
We are now ready for Christmas Eve doing our traditional (2nd year) Triple S (Switzer, Steph and the Schmidt's) Christmas Eve dinner and Ski Christmas Day. I am excited for my southern style Christmas dinner, ribs, homemade mac and cheese and green beans.
Merry Christmas to everyone (again, Heather and Family) and hope to see you next year!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day After Thanksgiving Blahs

So here I am at my work computer, already counting down the minutes to's not even 11 a.m. yet.
Good thing I brought a book to work and my iPod, and then decided to check out my blog and I realized I hadn't written a blog post for soooo long!
Thanksgiving was great. To be honest, I was more excited about having a day off of work more than I was for the actual holiday of food.
We hit up the mountains for the first time (for me anyways, Ben went a couple weeks ago when they opened). It was fun....and very cold. It's nice that Ben and I can do some things together. We headed to our friends house after to eat some AMAZING food! We had such a great time.
We are laying low this weekend as no money in our pockets. I know I know, it's so sad that I can't take advantage of all these deals, but we are done x-mas shopping and need to save up money for all our car troubles! We had to get a new car for me (well, mine was breaking down so we decided it was time to get a new vehicle) and now Ben's Jeep is having some problems. Not fun!
Don't feel sorry for us. Next week is looking up!
We are picking out our xmas card photos! I am so excited to see how they turned out!
 Baby Cameron Micheal
 New Car
 First mountain day
On Friday, we are going to Minneapolis, MN to visit my new baby nephew! I am so excited to finally meet him in person. He has grown up so much since he was born.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello Stranger

Been a little busy since I stopped running...

B's grandma came down to visit us a few weeks ago. We did a lot of shopping, Ikea, Park City and did I mention shopping;) We had a great time and so did B's grandma. It was so nice to have family visit and makes us feel so blessed.

I have been in Ohio working for the last few weeks helping out.
It has been long and I am ready to go home. B is ready for me to come back too and so is Izzie. B says she is running around a little crazy with out me there. We think that she doesn't know what is going on when one of us are gone.

Big news though... I am now Auntie Leslie!
My sister had a little baby boy!
Cameron Michael Giesen born October 21, 2010 at 4:18 a.m. After a long labor Heather and Jason welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world. I couldn't be more happy for them all.

 Cameron Michael  6 lbs 14 oz
20 in long
lots of dark hair thanks to his mommy!

We need to get Cameron a new hat, good thing Christmas is around the corner!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Well I'm done. And I was so tired I couldn't find time write this blog! haha.
B, Jenn, Jason, Carter, Izzie and myself made the trek to Cedar City, UT on Friday night. Cedar City is a few hours south of SLC and is more in the desert area of UT. It was a beautiful drive. We got checked into the hotel about 9ish, got some treats for the night and then hit the hay.
Jenn and I went to get our packets about 5:45 a.m. on Saturday morning. It was not very organized in the morning, it was still dark out and the people handing out our packets could barely see the names on the bags. They also "didn't get" the medium or extra-large shirts for the runners, which was very strange.
We then got onto our bus to take us 11 miles up the Cedar City Canyon. It was like the beginning of a scary movie, a bus full of strangers heading up a dark scary winding road. At the end of it, they had about 3 little bonfires to help keep people warm. It was SO cold up there that early. I am so glad I had B grab my sweatpants before we left SLC. They had all people put any belongings we didn't need into our bags with our names on it to pick up at the finish line.
By the time we started, a little after 7, the sun had just started coming up, but it was still freezing!
I had read online how pretty this run was so I made sure to bring my little camera for pictures and also wanted to make sure to enjoy the scenery.  They had a mile marker every mile down, which helped me realize how slow I was running! I didn't have any goals for this run, except to finish it, but I was only a couple miles down and was so far on my song list so I decided it was time to speed things up, I mean I was going downhill.
Everything was great. At about 6 miles down the hill flattened out a little and had some little rollers the rest of the way down. Also it was in the sun more. I was able to finally take my long sleeve shirt off!
The last three miles were all in town and I knew these would be the toughest. With the first 10 miles going mostly downhill running through town up and down little slopes and with the flat areas was so tiring. I didn't stop at any of the last water stations because I really didn't think I would be able to start running again!
I finally finished at about 2 hours and 10 minutes! Yay! I was hoping to be right around 2 hours so I was very excited with this time. Jenn also finished within her goal so I would say this was a very successful 1/2 marathon!

I think I am going to take a couple weeks off before I run again!

Here are some pictures of the run....sorry they are blurry, I was running when I took most of them.

 at the start line, just barely warming up!
 Still the beginning
 I realized here at about mile 3 how much further I had to go
 This is around miles 6-8
 Mile 10! I was ready to be done!
 Finished it! Holla!
B and Carter! Carter loves him!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

This is it!!
Saturday is the day, my first half marathon. I think my friend found a great one for us to do for the first (and possibly last) one that I do. It seems to be a mild down hill run through a gorgeous canyon in Southern Utah. I have only been in Southern Utah for a 5k a couple years ago and it was beautiful!  I am excited for this, 1. for a weekend away and 2. to be done training, hehe.

Since I have been slacking on training the last month or so, I really kicked it into gear last week. I ran my 10 mile run on Friday before I went to Minneapolis for the weekend. It went relatively well, I used one of my GU's to test one.

I spent Saturday through Tuesday afternoon in Minneapolis with my pregnant sister! It was so good to finally see her before she has her baby. I am so excited to be an aunt! We also need to get our skype set up so I can see the baby as much as possible!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

"Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.” Jameson Frank

This is 100% true for me and my training. 
My last post did nothing to help motivate me to get back into training mode! Only a few short weeks and the big half is here. 
This week started out very slow and non-productive. I didn't do a workout Monday-Wednesday. I mean NO WORKOUT. NOTHING! "What is wrong with you" you say, I guess I like a challenge;)
I decided that I would make sure and run Thursday, Saturday and Monday, and that I did. I have realized why I am getting so burned out, and I have decided that it is from running during the week. Yes, I will find a reason as to why I am lazy and of course it's not because I found a GREAT deal on something and NEED to go and buy is ASAP or that a glass of wine is calling me name after work. Not the reason. 
A 4.5 mile run started out my big kick in the a** that I need to make sure I can make it through this marathon. I went to liberty park to run, this alone is a huge motivator as why would I ever drive somewhere and then not do what was the only reason I went there to do. That's like driving to the gym and changing and then decided to just go home (and yes I have done this...sadly multiple time) To my utter surprise the only thing that was different from this run that before is my lungs hurt. Only the first lap, so be it. 
Saturday B and I decided to make the most of our Labor day 3 day weekend, we laid around all day. Finally I got my but off the couch, went to Sugarhouse park and made it through 6 miles right before the sun went down. Fall is really coming quick. 
Monday, another semi lazy day, except I exercised my credit card and hit up some labor day sales, took Izzie to the dog park and then went on my run before Bachelor Pad. Nine miles today and happy to say "I'm Back". Yep, made it the whole time. Went back to Sugarhouse park and ran around it. This park has helped more I think because it has a couple small hills 2 up 2 down. Just little rollers but has helped me keep my pace and not as boring as running on the flat roads and Liberty. 
For the rest of the week I am planning on doing a couple miles Wednesday, arms and leg workouts and then another long run on Friday before I leave for my Mini Trip to Minneapolis to my sister's baby shower! So excited to see her pregnant belly for the first time! 

Izzie after the dog park so happy and tired.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Training has come to a halt!
Last week was not a great training week for the half, and not good timing as it is coming up!
I think going back to work in the office may be part of it. My rotation position is over and I'm back to my little cubicle. Morning work outs are out of the question and after work I was not feeling the runs.
This weekend I was able to get a little longer run in but not where I should be at, I'll try to pull it out this week!

B and I had a very relaxing weekend. Movies, movies, football and movies.
Friday night our newlywed friends had a housewarming party. They purchased a beautiful home and have been painting and decorating and showed it off on Friday. They have done such a beautiful job on it, it makes me motivated to decorate our place!
We slept in both Saturday and Sunday, watched movies and hung out! How boring awesome! I do not want to go to work tomorrow!!
We also hit up a football game on Saturday night. A high school football game, it was so much fun! We were there until midnight and it was so nice out. We'll have to do that again for sure!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogs full of Clogs!!

Wow. Are clogs really going to be in the fall line up! I can not even believe this, I had the best clogs back in high school, they were black and fur lined and wedge bottom, totally hip and comfortable back then in the cold winters of ND.
Hearing this trend a few months back I was unsure of what to think. But after reading this blog I am SO tempted to get a pair. It's crazy to see how many trends are similar to the 90's clothes. Flowers, jumpers and now clogs...what's next CK jean bibs! (I would be lining up to get a pair;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

Uh Oh!!

Only 4 weekends until the big 1/2 marathon!!
My training has hit a wall. I make it through my weekly workouts and then the weekend comes.... and my energy/ambition is no where to be found. I'm not too concerned at this point. I felt find on the longest run I made (yes, it was my eight mile run and yes it was almost 3 weeks ago).

Well, I can take into account that it will be down hill and the atmosphere will give me energy;)

On another note!! Friday was my birthday we had a great dinner with great friends! I am so thankful for everyone who thought of me! Saturday, B and I were lazy (well mostly I was) and possibly a minor headache. Oops! But I did want to make it feel like I was 22 again.

Sunday Funday. We went tubing again! This time it wasn't as calm. B and I flipped are tubes about 10 TIMES! Three and a half hours later and a lot of bruises, we ended up in SLC and had a great dinner.

I am looking forward to a relaxing week, getting back into my workout routines and working for the weekend! Summer is almost over and we are going to take advantage of it!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Last week was an uneventful workout week for me. I made it through my leg workout on Monday, my 5 mile run on Tuesday and was able to discourage myself from doing my 3 mile run on Wednesday. I was out in the sun and wind all day and felt I was "owed" a night off. Thursday B took the day off and when I got home after work I was able to again talk myself out of my 5 mile run. We had plans to meet up with some friends that night. They weren't able to go, so B and I went out for an early meal by ourselves. It was so nice out, and still early, and we didn't feel like going home yet. We took a stroll around Sugarhouse Park. We watched the geese and ducks in the pond and had some laughs. Friday, again, no workout for me. I used the excuse again how much I deserved a night off.
Since it was our anniversary this weekend, we got a hotel up in Park City for Saturday night to hang out and do something different. We got up and got a quick breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot...Einstein Bagels. Oh how long it has been. We then did a workout together, how fun, packed and dropped Izzie off at our very nice friends house to play with their little dogs and up we went. We hit up the outlet mall, found some amazing deals and headed to our hotel to do some swimming. After our laps, we got ready, went to the hotel bar and then downtown PC for an amazing dinner. We went to Prime Steakhouse, which was recommended to me by a co-worker, and had the best steak of my life (sorry dad!). They had an amazing deal going on, by one entree get one free. It worked out good for B and I. We were at a little romantic table and were able to have some time to ourselves before heading out on the town. We went to a few bars to enjoy the night life, music and talked with a guy we met out that went to the same college as us.
Sunday we went for breakfast and then back to Main Street to check out some more stores. They also had their Park Silly Sunday Market going on and Farmers Market. We check both out and had a blast. We found the cutest painting of a dog that looks just like Izzie. So when we got back to the valley we got a frame to hang it in our house, by far the best thing we found the whole weekend.

It is getting close to the Half. My training schedule ends 2 weeks before the race. I am planning on running the same distance during the week but may increase some of the weekend distances. Wish me luck to keep it up!!
Success in marriage depends on being
able, when you get over being in love, 
to really love...You never know anyone
until you marry them.
Eleanor Roosevelt

I found this poem in a bride book B's mom gave me last year during a bridal shower. I read through this book every once in a while, it has cute stories about brides, wedding traditions, poems and recipes. I came across this quote and it fits so well with where we are at right now in our marriage.  B and I had a nice conversation during our anniversary dinner last night. I love how much we have grown as a couple, how we are able to talk about everything and how helpful we have both become for one another. One thing I have really noticed, any why this quote means so much, is how much I have become to know about myself since B and I have been married. being with him and seeing how he handles everything that I do makes me understand myself better and I can't thank anyone more that my amazing husband! Thank you Ben for all you do, being you and always loving me. I feel so blessed for every day since we met. Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


So I have been at this for about a year. Blogging has become a great hobby and I am learning a lot! I have been trying to keep my blog up to date with the Schmidt's life and also have found some amazing blogs to follow. It has become part of my web browsing schedule! I check my email, (you know, update on the news;) and then my blog!

My new favorite blogs are style blogs. Learning how to use your current wardrobe and what you can do with it. Check out Kendi's blog for some great style inspiration and try her 30 for 30 challenge, where she takes 30 pieces of clothing, shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants and shoes, she mixes them up for 30 days. It's amazing how many outfits you can make. Oh and you can't shop during the all! It helps you use your creative side keeps you from spending that hard earned moola!

Since we bought our home, I have been trying to save money and haven't been shopping as much as I did last year this time. Also, I went through my cloths before we moved and realized how much stuff I buy and wear once or twice and get rid of! It's so frustrating! I am planning on going on a few shopping binges and then try this challenge out myself!

Another blog I love, and got me started on this new interest, is this blog. She takes ideas from all of my beloved websites and creates the look with cloths you can find in stores we shop in. It's another great way to use your creative side to make your cloths go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Of course, I also love reading blogs of my friends and family, so let me know if you have a blog I can follow!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

I did it!!

I made it past the two week hump I was having in my running.
After last weeks debacle (not even close to finishing my 7 miler) I was not pumped for this week. Monday I made it through my leg workout. One positive I have noticed is the strength I have when I run. I can tell my legs are stronger and I realized how much the leg workout has helped me. Tuesday was another 4.5 mile run and another hot day. Of course I didn't make it up in the A.M. to get my run in and had to go after work. It was BRUTAL! I had the Garmin on to help me out and took off ready to take on the run. I had a good 2 mile run and then hit a wall and got a bloody nose. Yep a bloody nose from running! WOW, unsure why that happened but I just wanted to get home and lay down after that. Wednesday was a 3 mile run is my shortest run of the week. Using this Garmin instead of G-Map has made my runs longer. I think that sometimes with using any map website it doesn't get the miles down exactly right.....very close, but if it is off even a little bit and you are hot and tired, boy do you notice. Thursday, another 4.5 mile run. I didn't want to do it, I tried to find a reason (any reason) not to do it! I sucked it up and went to the club house to use the tread mill. Anytime I have to use the treadmill I feel like I am using it as a cop out and not really working on my time and runs. But on the contrary, it ended up being a great decision. I think it helped me realize I can't do a Prefontaine and try to bust out my miles, but learn to pace myself. The treadmill definitely helped me do this and brought my confidence back up a little bit.
Sunday oh Sunday, the day I dread all week. I had an 8 mile run calling my name. I tried to get up in the morning, but the second B asked me to lay down with him longer, I didn't put up much of a fight. We went and got our morning coffee and ran a few errands and then we up to a little cafe in the canyon for brunch with friends. It was such a fun and beautiful morning. The wait was long, but it was completely worth it! B and I then went to a mall, got my jewelry cleaned, a little shopping out of my system and then back home to rest!! We watched some TV then B drug me down to the clubhouse to get our workouts in. I decided that if I felt like I couldn't quite make the 8 miles, I would at least work for 7 since I didn't make it the week before. But with the help of Bethany Getting Married and Mean Girls, I made it the whole run, and learned that the treadmill only works for an hour and after that you have to start it over again. Completely annoying! Good thing I looked down and realized before my distance disappeared and knew the miles I had ran so I could start the machine over again. YAY, so happy with myself, and it made me feel better to realize that I only have 5 short miles longer to make a 1/2 marathon distance;)

On another note;

Friday night B and I had an early supper (for us) and then headed to our friends pool to hang out. It was a semi nice night out and we had some good laughs watching Jersey Shore before we left to go home to hit the hay. B had a bike ride early Saturday morning. He rode in the Ulcer Bike ride, a 111 mile bike ride around Utah Lake. He finished it in 5:25:00, 106 miles. Apparently they had to shorten the ride because of some rode construction. I was so happy for him, the furthest distance he rode so far and has improved extremely since getting the road bike. He is starting to ride it more during the week which I think has really helped and has some great friends that he can ride with and learn from. I am so happy that B has found a fun hobby that he loves!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Last week in July has come and gone. It seems like the summer just started.
This week of running did not go to great. I only ran Tuesday and Thursday, 4.5 miles both times. It was so warm during the day, I waited until later in the night to go for my runs. We got a new toy, a Garmin, which is AMAZING! It has satellites and maps the distance you run, the time and you can hook it up to a Web site and it will show you the calories you burned! Tuesday after my run, we went up to PC to visit some relatives who were in the area for a Softball tournament. Wednesday I was out in the sun working all day the only thing that sounded good was a glass of wine with dinner. I think I deserved a night off. I think it helped with my run on Thursday, it felt good.
Friday, B and I went out to eat with my good friend Jennifer for her birthday and cake after! It was so good to see them again, Happy Birthday Jen!
Saturday, B got up early and went for a long bike ride with some friends. When he was done we got ready to go tubing down the Weber river with some friends I haven't seen for a while. It was so much fun and I think B and I found a new fun way to relax on the weekend! We hit up a home cooked Mexican Restaurant in a small town near by. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching movies. Sunday, same thing. Being a bum. I spent the day watching ANTM a cycle I haven't seen. I didn't make it out to do my run on Sunday. I have today off so I got up early and headed to Liberty Park to do my long run. I didn't quite make it the entire distance, I kept getting stomach cramps that I couldn't get to go away.
I have been keeping up with the weights with P90X and mixing up some of the other workouts when I have the energy. I can tell with my running, the leg lifts I have been doing are helping with my runs.
Now it is August, my favorite month of the year. We have our first anniversary coming up, my birthday and next month I'll be heading to Minneapolis for my sister's baby shower!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Pioneers, 5K and fireworks, Oh My!

What a week! No air conditioning from Sunday night to Wednesday morning and it was a horrible few nights.
.Monday. Leg workout. I took advantage of the clubhouse and the air conditioning. It was a great workout and I was able to do pull ups! I also found a new pair of tennis shoes and broke them in that night.
.Tuesday. 4 mile run. I was able to get up in the morning and do my run. It was amazing, beautiful morning and I think my new tennis shoes helped get me into a good pace.
.Wednesday. 2 miles. Again, I got up early and pushed myself to run this as fast as I could. I finished in 16 minutes, in time to meet up with the air conditioning repair man. He informed us our air conditioning froze over and was blocking all the air coming out! Luckily he was able to get it unfroze before we went to work that morning. It was great to come home that night to a cool house!!
.Thursday. Another 4 mile run. I was not able to get up in the morning and was so tired after work, so I decided to run in the clubhouse that night. I only did a couple miles and laid low the rest of the night.
.Friday. Rest! Not going to do anything! B and I went out for dinner on the patio at Red Rock, it was amazing. We beat the crowd and were home in time to watch a movie and still able to get to bed at a normal time.
.Saturday. 5K day! I found a 5K to do in Provo, UT. Since it was the UT holiday Pioneer Day, there were a couple of races to chose from, but this was the only one that had a 5K race. So, B and I got up early, got a cup of coffee and headed down to Provo. It was a great morning, cool and no wind. This is the first time in over 3 years I ran a road race by myself. The first experience I had was not good, so I was a little nervous. But, B was with me and he helped me keep my cool. I found the location, got my packet and had time to hang out with B before my run. I started out at the end of the pack, I think that this helps with the competitive side of me and pushes me to catch up to people. The run felt great and had some mile markers with supportive words on it to keep me going. Also, they had a surprise about mile 2.5, a man in a kilt playing the bagpipe! It was a hilarious and random site. But after him a nice straight stretch to the finish line. I finished strong and B told me I finished about 28 minutes (my goal was 30). I was happy. We hung out, had some of the breakfast, and I ran into another runner I knew who had just finished the 10K and was waiting for his wife to finish. I wanted to wait and see what the winning time for my age group was. I found the time sheets and I placed 7th in my age group with a time of 27:12! I was so happy! B and I headed back to SLC, stopped at our friends new home (which is amazing!) and then placed a little tennis before we relaxed for the rest of the day.
That night, there was fireworks galore all over town. We were able to watch them from our front porch.
.Sunday. Rest for me. B went for a long bike ride with a friend. Now time for a relaxing rest of our weekend.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home Cookin Goodness

Since I have been working on my kitchen skills I thought I would share a great family recipe (and B's new favorite meal;) with everyone:

Homemade Pizza

Bread Dough (there are frozen loafs or you can get frozen biscuit dough too)
1 can of cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup (the celery soup is a little sweeter)
1 can of tomato soup
1 package of taco seasoning
1 pound of ground meat/ground turkey
any additional toppings

.raise bread dough (cover it in butter, cover and let raise. will work if you set it out in the a.m.)
.brown meat
.mix together soups for sauce
.spread out dough cover in sauce, sprinkle taco seasoning over. put meat on top with cheese and additional toppings.
.bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

*my mom has been making this for years, a traditional family dinner with a little homemade twist, which will stay with us forever. Thanks Mom!!
** you can use a homemade crust recipe as well, I've done it once and it turned out great! A little thicker crust.
***I made this last week and used chicken and skipped the taco sauce and used pepper jack cheese for flavoring. turned out great!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

"on to the next one"

This was my running motto this week. Again I was exhausted this whole week and with some bad workout judgment on my end, it was so hard to finish my workouts. It seemed every time I was in trouble, Jay-Z's "On To The Next One" came on and gave me the motivation to finish.
Monday. Legs and back. Quick workout after a long day of work.
Tuesday. 4 mile run and P90X Cardio workout. It was a hot day and again I didn't get up in the A.M. to do my run . I got ready and was going to head over to the clubhouse when I saw that B didn't put the key back, so instead I did the Cardio workout and THEN decided to run. Not my best idea. I noticed my lungs are in better shape, but my legs were dead during the run.
Wednesday. 2 mile run and Arms. I DID IT. I got up in the A.M. and did my run. I tried to run it a little faster since the short miles and it felt good. I got my arms done after work in plenty of time to watch the season finale of "The Hills". So sad. haha
Thursday. 4 Miles and yoga. I did my yoga workout right after work thinking that it would help me warm up for my run. Again, not a good idea. I was tired and only made it just over 2 miles. Since the week was so terrible, I was tired and it was hot, I didn't let this get to me. I just went inside and stretched. Then enjoyed some ice cream.
Friday. Is a rest day. I usually do the P90X Core synergistics workout this day, but decided against it. I think that my body was telling me I needed a rest.
Saturday. B and I are back on our normal weekend schedule, and it feels good! We got up and went for coffee (we go to a new one every weekend, and think we topped our last favorite this week!), then decided to try a new We headed to the local Sports Authority and got some rackets, balls and a TON of other stuff we thought we needed. It was a successful trip. We headed out to the courts with a friend who plays and taught me how to swing correctly. It was so much fun. B and I found another new sport to do together!
Sunday. 6 mile run. I decided that on my long Sunday runs I would go to a different location instead of starting at our house. My friends were telling me about Liberty Park. It is home of walkers, runners, bikers, rollerbladers, an aviary, swing sets, tennis courts and the occasional Laire fights. It also had a 1 1/2 mile loop around it that is covered partially my trees and blocked from wind. I decided to try it out and was the best decision I made this whole week for my workouts. It was a beautiful morning and with all the other active people out, it made it feel like my own personal race and gave me the motivation to push myself. I don't know if it was the elderly people running or the woman pushing a stroller and running with her dog, but I finished the run in under an hour! Thank you Liberty Park!
This week was a crazy week, not only for my workouts, but work. The weather was hot, our air conditioner started making some weird noise and seems to have not worked quite as well this week. But this Sunday run really brought my spirits back up.

5 weeks down, 9 to go.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer's finally here and I have been so tired these last two weeks I can barely enjoy it! SO DEPRESSING!
I can't get up in the A.M. to do anything and after work all I want to do it bum around on the couch and watch Bravo TV, ha.
If anyone has any ideas to get me back to normal I will take them!! Or if you have any fun things to do during the summer...I am game;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Week 4 has come and gone and boy, this week was a KILLER! B and I got home Monday evening and then headed up to PC to pick up Izzie, got food and headed home. No workout for me and it was a much needed rest. I was BEAT this whole week from the running around we have been doing during the month of June. I was absolutely ready to hang out at home this week!
Tuesday. 3.5 mile run, my first workout since my long Saturday run in Mandan. I didn't get up early to run, so had to do it after work. It was SO SO hot out on Tuesday night and I wanted to stay away from the traffic, so I decided to use the treadmill. Bad Idea. I only made it 2.5 miles. I was so tired, I couldn't get into rhythm and had no breath. I was upset, but I'm sure most of it was from the past weekend, so I just headed home and did a good cool down and stretching.
Wednesday. Again, no morning run. It was hot again out so I decided to either wait or run later on the treadmill. I did my arm workout first, and since it had cooled off enough out, I took it to the pavement. It was initially a 2.5 mile run day, but since I did that on Tuesday I ran 3.5. It went a lot better and realized that part of my horrible run the night before could have been because I was running inside. It seems easier when you run outside because you HAVE to run back. I decided that I should just make sure I do my runs outside instead.
Thursday. Another 3.5 mile run. No morning run", "I need to relax", "traffic" or my new favorite, Bravo TV. Surprisinly, I decided to skip the outside run and went to the treadmill again! HA, but I made the full run, with "The Housewives of New York" keeping me company.
Friday, rest day. I even skipped the P90X workout. B and I went and got some great movies and had a wonderfully relaxing night of movies and junk food. We also took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was so beautiful! What a great way to end the work week.
Saturday B got me up early to go to a bike ride he was doing. It was his first canyon road bike experience and he did such a good job! After, we both did the P90X Kenpo workout together. WOW, it was so hilarious to watch B do the workout I hardly made it through I was laughing so hard! The rest of the day we spent relaxing and later our newly married friends came over for some drinks and catching up. They also had a busy last month with a Wedding (yay!) a new home and then a honeymoon! It was great to catch up!
Sunday. The big one. 5 miles. B and I slept in, I then cooked our morning breakfast (I haven't been able to do that in a long time) and we finished a movie from the night before. We then spent the rest of the day watching movies. The "Predator" movies to be exact. B went to the new one in the theatre on Friday and so we watched the original one on Sunday. We decided to watch the second one and then "AVP" (Alien vs Predator). I lost track of time and by the time we were going to start the last one, it was 8! I almost didn't do the workout, but B and I took a break and headed down to the clubhouse to workout. Again with the treadmill, but I ran the full 5 miles.
I can safely say that it is getting easier for me to run, after mile 2 and I get a rhythm going. This next week starts the full 4 mile runs during the week. I am going to make sure to get up in the A.M. to get these done! I have also decided that one reason it may be hard for me to get through these runs is because I don't think of anything other than running! When ever I ask people what they do to help with their long distance runs the usual answer is they think about all the things going on that are stressing them out and it relaxes them. The only thing in my life right now that is stressing me out is running! I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Friends

I added a couple of new links on my blog.
Both are amazing blogs so you should check them out!
Run Knit Get Hitched is a blog written by a friend with so many wonderful wedding ideas. I wish B and I got married this year to use some of them!

studio N photography is a blog by a good college friend of mine. From her blog you can link to her website and contact her to set up any sessions!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

Week 3 of running has come and gone. I can honestly say that I did all the workouts and ran all my miles (for once;).
So I have decided that Mondays are the worst day possible. No running (which is good) but it is leg day. Last time I did my leg workout, I was hardly able to get in and out of cars the next couple of days. I did the workout, but didn't use as much weight and didn't push myself to the extreme. Needless to say, Monday went OK.
On to Tuesday. New week and new distances, 3.5 miler. It is FINALLY summer here in the SLC which is great for weekends, but during the week running in the heat is very draining. I am happy to say that I have gotten up early every morning and ran in the A.M. It is a little more peaceful and not as busy or hot in the morning, and the major plus side is that after work, I can relax for a bit, get and idea of what I want to cook for supper and then do my workout. Also, since it was a new distance, I found a new route to run and really enjoy (mostly for the shaded areas). Cardio is my P90X workout at night and I can say it is also getting easier!
Wednesday I had 2.5 miles and arms at night. My A.M. run didn't go too great. It was windy out in the morning. I remembered the last time it was windy and I ran as hard as I could and then was beat, so I tried to keep the same pace for the entire run as best I could. I made it, but it wasn't good and I was exhausted. Anyone who knows me knows how clumsy I am. At the end of my run, seriously across the street from my house, I tripped on a raised section of the sidewalk and almost ate it on my grille. Luckily, I have quick reflexes and caught myself before I lost my tooth and skinned up my knees. It was busy at this time, there is construction on that road and all the workers were out. I'm sure it made everyones day who say this, a girl tripping over herself and failing all over the sidewalk. Haha!! It was a sight to see. Again, like last week, arms are my fav so I made it through those no problem.
My last day of running for the work week, Thursday, another 3.5 miler. I did my same (new Fav) route, but my knee was a little sore from Wednesday's blunder and I found it a little more tiring than Tuesday's run. Halfway through the run, I was almost thinking about walking a little to rest, but Jay-Z's On to the Next One came on my iPod and gave me the boost to finish it! Yay. It always seems the right songs come on at the right time!
Friday, B and I left after work to head back to ND for B's 10 year reunion and of course his favorite holiday, Mandan Xmas. We got in later that evening on a direct flight, which was very nice, but they decided not to turn the air on the plane and we ended up on the most uncomfortable flight I have ever experienced! Once the doors opened in the Bizzo, we all instantly felt the humidity, and it didn't help out. We were met my B's family and went home to bed.
Since Saturday was the big bash and night out, I decided to get up early and get my long (5 mile) run in. It's better to do it on a morning when I didn't drink all day before it. I found a great route that went by our old place in Mandan and the golf course. It also worked out to have the wind behind me when I was heading back. I finished in record time (around 50 mins!) and in time to get ready for morning pancakes and the Art Fair downtown. We went with B's dad and family and met his grandma and some of her friend's their for breakfast. After we walked around a while looking at all the goods. B's grandma got me a great little crafty ring and I found a little surprise gift for my sister. We made it back in time to get some stuff in order before guest started arriving. Some of my amazing friends came to Mandan to help us celebrate and hang out for the day and night. B also saw some friends he hasn't seen in a while. It was good weather, well better then last years, and a great turnout. We then headed down to the bar where the reunion was being held.
Sunday we rested. We were so beat from the day before, B made us breakfast and we got in a quick nap before we headed up to B's mom's house for the afternoon. We had a blast hanging out in the pool and working on our tan. Some friends came over to say hi as well. We had a great time visiting with B's mom and family before we headed back to his dad's for the big fireworks.
We were so tire, but we enjoyed some fireworks and some more food (of course) before we went to bed.
Monday, our flight was set for 6 P.M. so we had time to go out on the pontoon in the A.M. before we had to get ready to leave. B's mom picked us up and we had a quick meal before we left. Our flight was better this time around, not as hot, and before we knew it we were on our way to get Izzie and head home. It feels good to be home and not have any trips planned for a while.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Cheft here I come!

I started doing my ab workout tonight with the TV was Top Chef, which I haven't watched since college. My college roomie was into the show, so of course I watched it with her and loved it. I don't know if it was the show, but I came up with the BEST burger tonight I have to share it with you.
Since B and I are going back to ND this week, I have been trying to get rid of food in our fridge/freezer. So I grilled up some pre-made burgers and since I have been craving a Red Robin burger, so I thought of frying up an egg with it. Of course you need to put something else on a burger, so I pulled out some ingredients in my fridge and whipped up an amazing sauce to go with it! I was thinking of something like the Utah favorite fry sauce (ketchup and mayo mixed) but didn't want to go that unhealthy, so I remembered my Greek God's Traditional Yogurt I had in the fridge. This is a great substitute in anything that you can use mayo with (I have used it to make a coleslaw before as well). I also had an opened can of diced tomatoes in sauce. In my Rachel Ray cookbook there is a list of ingredients to keep on hand at all times, plus with B's obsession, we have a ton of different mustard's available at all times. So I scooped up some Greek's Yogurt, the tomatoes and mustard into a bowl and I must say WOW, it was the best topping that could have gone with my burger and egg! I put it all together on a piece of bread for an open faced sandie!!

Burgers (any kind you want, pre-made, turkey, etc.)
Egg (fried i.e. crack it open and break the yoke, once first side cooked, turn to the next side)
Greek God's Traditional Yogurt
Can of Diced Tomatoes
Spicy Brown Mustard
Cheese, your favorite
any additional burger toppings you like!!
Cook burger and egg
once done, melt cheese on top of burger
Spoon in yogurt, mustard and tomatoes. Just mix to the amount you need and what makes your mouth water. (I used a big spoonful of yogurt, 2 of the tomatoes and squeezed in some mustard)
make your burger up and enjoy!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

So I am definitely getting into this routine of my running and P90X workouts. I still am not enjoying running, but hanging out/talking to my friends about running, I am trying to get into the swing of things. I think that my biggest problem is I am SO competitive with myself I never think that I am running fast enough. This week I have worked on keeping a slow and steady pace on all my runs.
.Monday...I just came back from my trip late at night (5 p.m. late, but seemed so much worse from driving all day long!) so to bed I went. No workout for me and I didn't feel bad about it.
.Tuesday...3 miler and cardio. The miles went good, I ran the first half against the wind, and again my personality made me run like S&P (Push IT) and by the time I had the wind at my back I was pooped. I'm going to blame that on my lungs, and being in a smokey bar in Lisbon all weekend.
.Wednesday. Just a quick 2 mile run then arms and back. I think that Wednesday is my favorite day. Not only is it already half through the week, but it is my shortest run and I get to do my arms workout. I love my arms day, I am seeing results in the arms and Tony's workout buddy is HILARIOUS! My 2 mile run even we really well. Maybe just this week because it was so nice out on Wednesday and I had my new Eminem CD on my ipod that I ran to. Everyone is right and it is way better to run to music you enjoy instead of thinking about how much you hate running! Ha.
Thursday. 3 miles and yoga. So, since it was so hot out last week, I decided to get my butt up in the a.m. and do my run first thing. So I actually did it, but used our treadmill at the clubhouse and enjoyed and old favorite, Saved by the Bell. It was the Christmas episode where Zach and the gang befriend a homeless girl and her dad. After the tearfull ending with Zach's mom inviting them to stay, my run was over. I went to work so proud of myself and after I was supposed to do my yoga workout, but for some reason I couldn't get myself to do it. It's easier for me to do the P90X workout once I am already sweaty from running and for some reason, I hate the yoga workout with Tony. I love it otherwise, but I don't think he knows what he is doing and it makes me mad. I guess I'll use my other yoga video.
Friday. REST! Yay! B and I had to go to Logan, UT this last weekend for the MS Bike ride. B did it this year and I am so proud of him. My sister usually does the ride, but took this year off and I am happy to report that someone else in our family stepped up and did it. i.e They are still taking donations, so if you want to donate, you can go to Ben's Facebook page to donate or you can do it directly here.
Saturday..I went for a quick run and checked out the town. Logan it so pretty and green! and since it is a little higher altitude, it was a little cooler. B did the ride and I even got a quick pic of him finishing then off to the pool we went! We spent the rest of the evening relaxing with friends.
Sunday. My long run. 4 miles to be exact. I had mapped out a run prior to leaving, but once we go to the fairgrounds, my map was all backwards so off I went to check out the scenery and take in the morning. I slept in a little more than everyone else, but when I got up, I was ready to take on the world (or the road) and I came back to a camp full of sleepers, so I did what I usually do on Sunday morning and got to cooking breakfast. I can even do it over a small travel stove!
What a week. Busy little road warrior and this next weekend we are back in ND. Mandan to be exact for B's 10 year reunion, the Annual Mandan x-mas and family time. Don't worry, we are flying this time;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


How do you save money?!?! I'll take any idea possible!
Since B and I have taken the plunge and bought a town home, I am trying to do as much as I can to save some MOOLA! We are still OK as far as bills go (don't worry mom's) but I definitely want to cut corners as much as possible for things that we really want to get/do, like a honeymoon.
I have been checking out online a bunch of good ideas and came up with a few:
.eat at home more, which we have been doing since our wedding. Getting a crock pot made meals easy for me and gave me the ambition to try out other recipe's as well.
.don't drive as much. This has been easy for us because we do work together and only have one gas bill for the vehicle that we use. Also these last few months I have been able to walk to work three days out of the week because I am working across the street.
.electric and gas bills. I control the thermometer at our house....enough said.
.get rid of the trite bill. Done and done. No more tanning or gym membership for me. We now have a small community gym at our community we get to use, and getting workout videos that I can use at home have worked well for me.
.renting movies instead of theatre. B and I love a night out at the movies and we used to go to one a weekend until recently. We have been renting more, and having HBO movies has been very nice and help with the bank account.
.cut out meat in meals. Haven't tried this yet, but I read using beans instead of meat for some meals can help save some money. If you have any good recipes for beans, please let us know!
.Not shopping as much! Very hard for me as I would like to get a new outfit everyday. I am going to start keeping track of how long I go without shopping! As much as I can remember, it has been since Memorial Day. Give or take a few;) Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

Week two was not as bad as week one, mostly because I was traveling and only ran two days!!
Last Wednesday after work I left for a road trip back home, just a little drive (18 hours to be exact!). I met with a classmate up in ID and we drove most of it together.
Monday I started getting ready for the trip and did my legs workout on P90X. WOW, I have not done that workout in a long time and my oh my did I get sore. And when I say sore, I mean barely able to get in and out of a car.
Tuesday was a 3 miler, which I will proudly say I ran the whole thing. I was so sore from Monday that I was dreading this run, but knew that I had to. After work I was awestruck with The Housewives of New York reunion show, which was giving me good reason to hold off on my run. I've never seen an episode, but since I didn't want to head outside, it sucked me right in. It was nice out on Tuesday, but very windy which reminded me of our amazing club house with the treadmill in it. I bolted down to make sure I could get the treadmill as it is usually being used when I go in there. Luckily it was empty and I finally figured out the TV and got my run in. It went but not well as my legs went numb. After my run I decided that since I would not be available to do all my workout the next day I better do my arm workout. P90X here I come and made it through the arms and back. While in the middle my shoulders were tired, and that's when I realized that the legs workout is actually legs and back! Two back workouts in a row for me.
Wednesday is a 2 mile run, I was planning on getting up in the am and run this, but anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person so the snooze button was hit a couple of times! After work I headed up to Pocatello, ID and met with my friend for the amazing ride home. We made it to my parents house on Thursday no workout for either day! My mom and I did head out for a walk that evening but it was so windy we only went for about a mile.
Friday my newly engaged friend Michelle was in town with me and I had planned an amazing eventful day with all the Crazy Day activities going on! We did make it out for a walk in the am before we started out the day.
That night was the first of two days of booze and friends. My good friend Jenna hosted the evening for our class before we headed out to the new bar in town. It was a fun night, which is all I will say.
Saturday morning, 7:26 I woke up and got ready for a 5k race that was being held for Relay for Life starting at the High School Track. I got ready and my mom and grandma came with me to cheer on the runners and snap some pics! I am happy to report that I ran the WHOLE time, not too fast ( I finished in 30 minutes) but taking into account the night I had before, it went very well. Also, it must have helped me sweat out some alcohol because I was ready to go for the day.
Since I ran the 3 mile race on Saturday, I didn't do my run on Sunday morning. That and we left Sunday night for our long drive home, I didn't do anything other than rest on Sunday.
We made it back, finally, around 5 pm on Monday. Enough time to shower and get my stuff in before Ben came home and made me supper, then off to bed. I was beat.
I think because of the week I had last week, I will stick to my week two of training to catch up. I have something going on the next 2 weekends, so I will do my best to get this training back up to where it needs to be!
Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My weekly update...running is not fun

Like I stated in my previous post, I am planning on running a half marathon this fall, so running I go. )I found Hal Higdon's novice running program online and started on Monday. I really like that workout day as it was no actual running and just strength and stretching! Because I saw myself last weekend in a swimsuit I decided that I better really work my butt off (literally) to get into shape for this next weekend (back to NoDak for an All Class Reunion!) so as ambitious as I am I decided to head to our complex club house to hit the treadmill for a quick mile run, quick weights and a P90X workout.
Tuesday was "THE DAY" that the running started. A mere 3 mile run, nada to most, but to me it was a tough day. I started out OK, which is my problem, I can not pace myself! I made it I would guess about 2.5 miles. It was the only nice day in SLC and in the blazing sun I was trying to push through the heat (my arm felt like it was on fire) and then oops, I hit a stupid rock path which almost caused me to eat it on my face and I gave up and walked the rest of the way home.
Wednesday, day 2 of my running, was a 2 miler or cross. I decided running was going to benefit me more as I am still doing the P90X workouts as well as the running (seriously, I only have a week to tighten it up!). I have been using Gmaps Pedometer to get the miles down. I mapped out a 2 mile run and it seemed just around the block! I went after work and felt as though it started out OK, felt great and strong. The sun again was hot (I have the start of a farmers tan) and I made it maybe 1.5 miles, then cut some corners and walked the rest of the way. I was so frustrated!
Thursday was yet again another 3 miler. I was SO frustrated from the first 3 miles run that I couldn't start this run out with a clear conscience. At about the end of the block, I decided to take a different route, one that I had mapped prior for a 3 mile run. This route was on a main road, which kind of helped me keep a good pace and there was so much going on it kept my mind off of how horrible running is! I made it home, I was so happy and excited because it felt so good! I decided to re-map the run and to my was 2.3 miles! Aaahh! I was so upset, but on the other hand it was reassuring as how better this one run was then my previous attempts. So onto yoga I went and told B of my mishap when he came home.
Friday is an off day, and because the long run was on Sunday and P90X on my Friday is a leg routine, I thought I would switch the leg workout to Monday, with Cardio X. I did some bike in the AM with an ab workout. Saturday was Kenpo X, which I absolutely LOVE. It refreshes my legs and it a fun workout.
The dreaded Sunday 4 Mile run was upon me. There was no way I thought I was going to make it! I spent Saturday night with a friend of mine who it really into running, and just finished doing a Marathon that morning!! We had a great night on Saturday, sushi, wine and the next morning an amazing breakfast (with Bloody Mary's of course;). My friend gave me some great running pointers, but of course, I put off my run for later Sunday. There was no pep in my step to get this run done, so when B went off for a bike ride with his friend, I decided I better get this done. I again had a 4 mile route, which ran down my our old place ( and it seemed so FAR!) so I yet again remapped a new route and made a new playlist, consisting of all the greats (Britney, Eminem and some rap) and off I went. I started my pace a little slower than I did on the other runs, and felt great, for once! I was at mile 2 when the morning Bloody Mary kicked in so I stopped at a gas station to use the rest room. I felt a little better so off I went to finish the run, I started getting the dreadful "drop" on my run about a mile from home and kicked it in a little bit. Anytime I got a little to much bounce going on, my stomach ache got a little worse. I kicked it in a little bit and made it home feeling good (as far as the run went) but I had to get inside. I was at our garage opener, but in my tired stupor and the pain in my stomach, I could not seem to remember the code! After about 4 tries I thought I was going to pull a Charlotte and started to walk over to the park across the street to use the restroom. I didn't think I would quite make it so I tried the garage one more time and got it open!! I made it home, happy with my run, happy that I have a day off tomorrow, and excited to know that I only have 3 days of work this week until I leave for L-town! I am so excited to see friends and family!

Pictures of the last few months

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

So, summer has not officially started here in SLC yet. It has been on off showers most of the days with a few sunny days peaking in every once in a while, and we have been trying to take advantage of these days.
Last week Wednesday, B and I headed out of SLC to NE for a visit with some great friends and a beautiful wedding (Congrats Lance and Steph!) and the weather was so amazing! I was able to finally pull out all my dresses and tanks that I haven't been able to wear in SLC. Of course when we are gone, the sun finally made an appearance in SLC and now...RAIN.
So terrible!!
B wanted to go for a bike ride last night, but packed it in as the wind was picking up and it was getting late. I on the other hand have been trying to stick to a running schedule. My friend Jenn has decided to run a half in September and I figured no better time to do one as well! We are great running partners. If it wasn't for her I don't think that I would have ever decided to start running again! She motivates me to do it. Thanks Jenn!
Next weekend I am heading back to the roots for an All Class Reunion. My good friend Jason, who lives in ID, and I are going to road trip. A long trip for a couple of days, but I know it will be worth it. I also get to see some other friends. My good friend Michelle just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and she is in ND this summer (she has been in OR for the past couple of years).
I am planning on running a 5k for Relay for Life back home with some friends, I am going to wait to register that day in case I have too much fun on Friday night;)
Next of rock climbing and trip!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're Back!!

B and I have been sooo busy!!
B has been working on his biking. I have been working on...well, everything.
Oh, and we also bought our first place!! We purchased a new town home in a development about a month ago! It was such a whirlwind process and we are both so happy with worked out so great and (for the most part;) went really smooth!
This all happened so fast from our first visit with our amazing mortgage guy to one night of viewing homes to becoming homeowners! I guess when you know it's the place you just know it! I'm so surprised that B was so on board with me as it is such a big purchase. But to tell you the truth now I feel that B and I can start our lives together. I know that it shouldn't, but I will never forget our first night in this place. We had our first visitor, a friend of mine heading through town stopped and stayed in our mess of a place with her dog. They helped clean up Izzie's accident and start our water heater! No way was I going to be taking a cold shower! After all of that I was so happy to go to bed on our mattress on the floor.
After that we have quickly made this house a home and are happy getting to know the local neighbors. Of course there are some little hiccups and the first HOA meeting I went to made me a little nervous as to what we had gotten ourselves into! But after speaking with other people that have dealt with one have informed me that it is very normal!!
Next up for the Schmidt's
.B and I are heading to NE for a good friends wedding, and we are going to be able to visit some friends and relatives at the same time.
.A few weekends after I am heading up to NoDak with a classmate for the L-towns all class reunion! I can't wait to see everyone, it should be a great time.
.B is riding in the MS bike ride up in Logan, UT at the end of June. We are excited to go and I am very happy he got so involved in it as my grandfather had MS. My sister always road in it in MN, but this year she is not able to and we are all happy that B is stepping in! If you want to donate, let me know I will be able to send a link through email, you can check out B's facebook page or we can give you a link, just holla at 'cha gurl....haha.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bikes and tights

B and I had a busy and beautiful weekend!
First off, B has been riding his bike a lot more as the weather has been great out. B had his first Friday off on our new schedule. He was able to get some stuff done and go for a bike ride with one of his friends. We were able to visit with some friends and have a nice casual BBQ.
The next morning B and I were up bright and early at 5 am to get B over to the bike tour. B started the bike tour at 6 am. He made it through his first competitive ride in just over an hour. I was able to meet up with him before I started the 5k with Jen.
After we were done, we all hung out and watched some of the 1/2 and full marathon runners finish. It was such a great atmosphere, I almost wish I enjoyed running more and went to these things more. B also signed up for the MS 150 this June, so make sure to check out his Facebook page and donate!
We have put an offer in on a town home and it has been accepted. We are closing on April 29 and spent the rest of the weekend packing and cleaning. We also hit up Ikea to shop around for some new furniture for the new place. I am getting so excited to get over there.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I can't believe it is already April. My brother always told me that once college was over, time went by so fast. I never believed him until it happened. Of course I knew that it would be different once no more class and working all day, but oh man, it is a MAJOR change. It's been almost three years since I graduated college, but I'm still getting used to it.
Since B and I are on our own, away from family, we are spending a lot of holiday's with just the two (three with Izzie) of us. Our new family traditions are turning into a lot of relaxing holidays. We went and got breakfast and coffee this morning and have since spent the rest of the day relaxing and B's normal day, working out. We are going to grill tonight, which is a second time for Easter, so maybe grilling with be our Easter tradition.
We woke up to snow on the ground this morning, it has already melted, and 8" in the mountains. We were going to hit the slopes again today, but decided to call it a year and start getting ready for spring activities.
B got a new road bike and it going to start riding that on the weekends. He is really excited to have a new hobby. I on the other hand, am not interested in biking, so I will have to work on a new spring hobby. Last year I worked on my shopping skills, but this year I think I will try to find something new to do! Maybe work on my photography skills since I have that amazing new camera. One thing that I would really like to do more (at least once) is camping. We got a great little coal grille for a wedding gift (thanks Bre!) and it is in the box in the basement where we put it once we opened it. B is not a big camper, but I want to try to get him interested in going more. There are a lot of great local campgrounds we can go to for a quick night of it.
Along with the springtime, B and I have signed up for the SLC Marathon. No we are not running it, but B is going to bike it and I am running the 5K with Jen. We are just doing it for fun, which is a really good thing since I have not ran to get into shape for it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010