Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giesen Family Chiropractic!

Get ready for this!
Heather, my talented sister, is opening a new chiropractic office in the New Prague area in MN.
I am so excited for her and hope that you all will support her in her new adventure
check out her blog on the side of my page under Giesen Family Chiropractic. There you can check out all her info, pics and learn about the Gonstead method!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon

Having another great weekend of shopping, movies and laying around makes the weeks go by so fast and the weekends linger! It seems the only thing I am looking forward too are weekends like this. We are lucky though and things are on the up and up as we just had our first big snow last night. Nine new inches up in the mountains and nothing on the roads this morning to make for a nasty commute. Well, not for Ben and I as least. The early morning travel didn't have it quite as nice.
Saturday we did a little shopping around. We checked out some snowshoes at REI. We met some people that go and we want to start to do some hiking up in the mountains.
Sunday we watched the Vikings game and the I hit up "New Moon" with some friends. Once we were out of the theatre, the snow was flying. We had a normal lazy Sunday night watching TV and reading. But I did still have time to test out a new meal for Ben and I. I had a left over steak and thawed out to make a pasta sauce with it. I took some red and green peppers, cut them up and sauteed the steak, peppers and mushrooms in some butter and garlic. I then made a cream sauce with some white wine, cream and shredded cheese. It cooked very fast and then just boiled up some noodles and enjoy! Ben loves that I have been trying new meals for us to try.
Up next...Thanksgiving in ND. Can not wait!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Movies, Movies, Movies

I absolutely love watching movies and so does Ben. It's something that we like to do together because we both know that well will go with each other, good or bad.
Since it was snowing all day on Saturday, Ben and I didn't leave our couch!
Once SATC movie came out, I had to watch it even though I have never watched the seasons. Once I watched the movie I watched all the seasons 1-6 in about a month. It was all I wanted to do! In one of the episodes when Big is getting married to the model, Carrie makes a reference to "The Way We Were" with Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford. Ever since, I have been dying to watch it. So I finally did this weekend. It was not what I thought, but good non the less. I would definitely recommend it, who doesn't love those oldies!!
We then decided to watch another one, after a nap of course! I like to let Ben chose 3 movies he wants to see and then I pick the one we watch. We ended up watching "Bad BoysII". It's such a funny movie and a little action. Will Smith and Martin Lawerance are so good together. Once that was over, I decided that we need to watch the original "Bad Boys". We barely made it through it, but it was a great movie day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My top 5 Favs!

I have changed some in the last couple of years. I am the same, I just have some new things that I like.
1. I LOVE grocery shopping! I used to absolutely dispise doing it. I don't know what has really change. Mostly, it's because I have started cooking different things, but I have also found ways to save money and to me its so fun.
2. I LOVE having a clean house. Now, I don't like cleaning, I just like keeping it clean. Before I used to not care because I wasn't always home, but now it's becoming second nature to keep it clean.
3. I Absolutely have to have my bed made in the morning. I NEVER use to make the bed because I always figured that I would just mess it up again at night, but now it drives me nuts if it is not made.
4. I LOVE HDTV. I don't even own a home, but I love it.
5. I LOVE getting up in the morning. Actually I just HATE sleeping in, but didn't want to say hate right away. I have to be up at least by 8a.m. or else I feel like I am wasting my day away.

This proves that people can change.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How do you know if your in love?

No seriously, how do you?

It seems to me that there are different kinds of love. There's family love, the way you feel about parents, siblings and relatives. There is friend love, caring so much about your friends that you will tell them the absolutely truth, no matter how horrible it will make them feel. And then there is true love.

How do you know when it is true love? How do you know when it is "right"? How do you know when it is the person you should be with forever, make a life together, someone you make all the hard decisions with?

I guess the truest answer is you don't know. You don't always know when it is right. This is where the other feelings come into play. Like trust, lust, compassion and honesty.

Ben and I have been married for approximately three months and sometimes I still wonder, what made us take this leap?

Everything was great before Ben put a ring on my finger. We had fun together and we were able to do our own things. We were always honest, caring and loved one another so what difference is there if there are rings involved?

People have asked me multiple times how married life is...honestly it's about the same. Not much has changed but my last name, and it's the most extensive change yet! Ben and I still care about, love each other, are honest and compassionate, but we haven't done a lot of the life planning yet. When is this supposed to happen? It seems most people plan so much of their lives now. When to buy a home, when to have children, what are we going to do for the holidays and when will we be debt free. Now personally I feel as though life happens now. It is the last minute plans with friends, the quick trips, the nights hanging out at home. Where does the planning fit in? My mom always said she didn't plan when she was going to have kids, "where is the fun in that? You will never feel ready." And that's OK. That's what life is. It's happening now.
I guess that's how you know when your in love. It's when you do the day to day things together and know that it is all you have ever wanted in life. It's now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

ah fall and scary movies

So....Ben and I had a great Halloween. We headed up to Park City and went bar hopping with some friends. Ben was a pilot and I was dressed as an aviator, WE MATCHED! Everything thought Ben was a cop every bar we went into, "is he serious?" is what I kept hearing.
The night went by fast, but we had so much fun.
It has been so cold here lately. They even opened a resort on Halloween for season pass holders, seriously in October! The resorts aren't set to open up for a couple more weeks. Ben is patiently waiting to go and I am excited the weather warmed up a bit!
The night before Halloween, one of Ben's friends asked us to go to "Paranormal Activity" which is a scary movie about ghost that came out this year. Ben HATES scary movies and I love them, but being a nice husband, Ben came with. I didn't think the movies was that scary, it was ok, but I wanted more. A few nights after the movie Izzie started acting wierd at night and NOW I'm freaked out about the movie and do not like being home alone! One night, about 5 a.m. Izzie woke up barking, fighting to get out from under the covers and ran to both doors. Ben went out to see what she was doing and she was sitting on her bed, almost as if she was confused and thought she was in trouble! A few nights after that debacle, I woke up to Izzie chowing down on her food at 2 a.m. It was so bizarre, she doesn't eat a bunch of food at once and in the middle of the night she devoured her whole bowl of food! I am trying not to think about that movie, but it just happens and now I think it is so freaky!! I had to google it to make sure it was fake, don't worry, it was.
So, not much else new, one of my friends is moving in a few weeks and we will proably hang out with her until she moves. My friend is in town until tomorrow night working for the Idaho hockey team, we are going to the game on Friday, and I am going on a hike this afternoon....yay half days and 70 degree weather!