Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 Months

she was actually really happy when we took these, I swear!
Wow 10 months already. This last month flew my. Literally. I feel like we just did her 9 month photo shoot and here we are putting that 10 month sticker on the top of her head and playing around in the laundry basket. 


  • Figured out how to use her walker! It's been so fun
  • Standing all the time now
  • Moved up a diaper size.... stop growing so fast
  • In 12 month clothes
  • Babbling all the time
  • Moving all the time, between standing, squatting, lunging herself onto us, taking little steps, crawling up the stairs, digging in the dog bowl, and pulling herself up on us
  • She's gotten her first cold, sad weekend
  • Is getting picky about food! Not like her
  • Teething, the never ending teething
All in all everything has been going really good. Now we are looking forward to some nice weather and playing outside!