Saturday, August 24, 2013

My hobbies include cuticle care and the E! network

I wanted to write this on my birthday (which was Tuesday) but this week got the best of me. 
It's been a little crazy in the Schmidt household but I think we got it calmed down a little. The house may not get the cleaning it needs this weekend but momma needs her rest. 

Have you seen Pitch Perfect? If so you get the title. If not go watch it. That line always makes me laugh. Probably because I always go "that's me"! That's how I need to start describing myself. For as long as I can remember, which is mostly just to college, I've loved having my nails done. Still to this day I hate when I have naked nails. I had to stay up late(r) on Monday to have a new polish on my fingers and toes before my birthday. Don't ask me why I just did. Its one of my quirks. 
Another thing I love still is reading. For some reason I read multiple books at one time. Not necessarily from a boring book I just like to have options I guess. I want it to fit with my mood. 

Was able to squeeze in a little birthday shopping...duh 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So this just happened...

Piper rolled from her back to belly....and I missed it! 
I walked away and she was like this.

Then when I turned back she was like this!

Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Months

Little miss here is 3 months today! What a fun little stinker she has become.
Lot of changes this past month. I went back to work about 10 weeks after Piper was born and she has adjusted so well (probably better than me!) She is all smiles in the morning and apparently all day during daycare as well. All the little kids at daycare love her! They all yell "baby Pipe is here!" every morning when we drop her off and one little girl always says "that's my baby Pipe". She has so much love there it's made me being at work a little easier, although the last week did get harder. I was ready to go back, mostly just because I knew I had to. The first week I worked three days, then four the next week and last week was my first full week back and it was LONG! I just need to stay busy during the day to make sure the day goes by fast, but I really look forward to the weekends.

I just can not get enough of this girl! Smile, Smile, Smile...she does it so much and I can't handle them! I can not wait for her to start laughing, right now it's a little more like a gasp so soon enough I think we'll hear her giggle.

Here's what's new:

  • she's getting so good with her hands, she actually started grabbing at the play mats toys.
  • she recognizes B and mine voices. It's so fun to go pick her up at daycare and even though she had so much attention all day she still gives us a smile when we get there!
  • I nurse her at night and although I get tired, I really started to enjoy the time we have. I really never thought it would get there, but I want to remember that time..she's going to grow so fast. 
  • she sits on her belly longer and holds her head up a lot more when she is being held. 
  • she's started to notice the dogs. 
  • she loves to play airplane. 
  • she blows bubbles.
  • she loves being naked! (don't tell her dad!) baths, changes all of it. 
What's not fun:
  • she still does not like having her clothes changed. I guess more like she'd rather stay naked that put more clothes on. 
  • not getting attention!
  • not taking naps, she hates to miss out on stuff so she doesn't always want to take naps and gets very crabby!