Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring (Summer?) Cleaning

I am surprisingly a neat freak. If you ask my mom she would disagree. But ever since I got my own apartment after I graduated college, I have been keeping my homes/apts/condo's clean. Maybe it's all the moving I have done (although if this were true, Heather, you should be down to a weeks worth of cloths and a toothbrush (she's moved A LOT)) or maybe it was when Ryan told me I no longer needed to keep my dresser in my closet, that I am now a grown up and can have a grown up room. Either way, I have been quite the neat freak. Ben and I both do our fair share around the house. Ben likes to stack things and organize while I actually clean up. It makes for a neat home.
Another thing I have picked up since gettin' hitched is The Nest Web site. Check it out, they have many ideas for homeowners, saving money, what to buy and my personal favorite recipes!

Here are a couple tips/ideas I have picked up on storage for your closet from The Nest...which we all need to work on! (myself included)

  • Drawer storage. Use inserts in your drawer. It's great for accessories and belts.
  • Hangers. Find hangers that keep your cloths from falling off. Huggable hangers is an option. Personally, I like to overlap cloths, ie, my cardigans, button up shirts, pants and dress onto hangers to help save space and hang more cloths.
  • Fold your laundry. I know if sounds SO SO boring! But it makes you cloths more organized!Surprising I know. I can honestly say mine only stay folded for about 5 minutes, until I need something again, and of course if on the bottom of the pile. But by using the flip fold laundry folder you can easily get your laundry folding done
  • Use the space you don't see. Utilize unused space by putting seasonal cloths under your bed, in a closet, or wherever works best for you. To assist with that, use space bags. Vacuum seal the cloths to save space and it will also protect them.
  • Clean up your shoe area. I have to overlap my shoes on my closet floor to make sure I have enough room. I also make sure to keep them in order of type and style of shoe. Another option is a drop front shoe box. They are clear and you can stack them to save more room and keep it neat.
  • Use bins for your towels/sheet/you name it. You can find these cloth bins at Ikea. Put them in a closet or even out in the open. If they are in the bins you won't feel like it is messy.
  • Get a laundry basket. Silly I know but keep your cloths in the same space to keep your floor clean! Get a fun hamper, cloth basket or wicker (my favorite) to make sure you get something you like and matches your decor.
  • Neat, neat neat, are these acrylic storage shelf dividers. You can find them here and they will be my next purchase!! You can attach them to the shelf to make sure your cloths don't overlap/fall over/mix up piles of cloths like mine always are!
Here you go, depending on the type of hamper you want, under $100 you can organize your room(s).
Good luck and let me know how it goes for you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Update from a Reality TV Lover!!

Yay! New idea found!
Ok, on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3 episode on Monday they introduced the new characters which are Teresa's sister in law and cousin. This made for an amazing first episode as it was hilarious and a little depressing to see how they do not get along. It was Teresa's brother's child, Joseph's, christening and those Italians really like to drink because before you know it there was a brawl between Teresa and her brother Joe and Teresa's husband Joe! ( I know, seriously can they not think of any other names!) Although it made for great TV and I had to rewatch the fight about three times to catch it all, it was so sad.
And there you have it, the highlight of my life. Next week, and update on VH1's "Mob Wives".

Ok, so no I won't write about reality TV, but I just wanted to let you know how amazing it is! haha.

So, what I can update you on is how to keep from becoming a pack rat, or even worse, a hoarder!!
I am the queen of throwing, giving, donating and selling things. Alright so mostly my cloths, but it is because I don't keep too much other stuff around. I will give you my tips on how to get rid of things you are not using.
1. First decide why you have it in the first place.
What is the purpose for the item, gift, for yourself or decoration. If it's a gift...give it to them!! You may think that of course I will, but I do have a housewarming gift myself I have been waiting 2 months to mail. I'll do it tomorrow.
Is it for yourself? Then either use it or lose it. It's that easy. Decide if this is something you are going to use/wear/etc, if you haven't in over 6 months and it isn't a seasonal item, then get rid of it. If you haven't used it or worn it in that long you never will. Seriously you won't.
Decorations are different than any other item. I always find myself buying new decorative things at Big Lots and all the cheap stores to redesign my rooms. I always make sure that I rotate my decorations with them. Its really easy and not a big space taker for me. Not to mention you can change up your house decor easily. Ok I guess I make this easy because my furniture is very basic and I make sure to buy just fillers that go with my frames and furniture. But in doing this I was able to get a new bedspread set and matched it to my guest room so I can use the same sheets throughout our room and the guest room.
2. How to get yourself to get rid of things.
Most people I know do not have the nerve to throw things. It is really simple. When I was younger I was super concerned with keeping everything. I wanted to keep all the little trinkets that my friends gave me, all my $1 purchases when I was younger and basically anything that was given to me. This went on until I started getting my own place and realized how terrible it was to move and pack that crap! Easily enough I was able to make the decision to throw it away.
First I informed people to not get me crap on their vacations. I don't want it. The trade off for you thinking of me when your in Mexico laying on the beach will never be enough for me to truly enjoy that Carlos and Charlie t-shirt. Tell them to save their money and spend it on themselves.
Second, I take that advice for myself. I will enjoy my trips enough with out spending half my travel money on that crap, so I don't buy trinkets on vacations. Ok, that's a lie. I have bought cloths, but the last time I did that and had to buy another bag to get it all home, I learned my lesson.
Third, goes back to the sentimental stuff. Why does it have a meaning or feeling to you? Is the shirt from a concert you met your future husband at? If not get rid of it. Seriously, you have memories you can look back on you don't need an items to trigger them, they just take up space. That's harsh, but unless you use it or put it toward something useful, like making a t-shirt blanket (they are cool) or something else equally creative, you don't need that item to make your memories last. I know that it is hard. I was hard for me at first, but when I realized everything just sat in tubs or boxes buried in the closet, it was easy to give them away. Also I usually give things to a good will so someone else can use it. It's better than throwing away and makes me feel like I did something good. That and giving a bum a dollar.
If this is a hard step, just whittle you way down on these items. Start by getting rid of some of it and save some. Put it in a place that you forget about it and when you come across it a year later you will realize that you don't need it and you can get rid of the rest. I had to do this with Ben and his t-shirt collection, it was hard, and a lot of yelling (me) and tears (Ben) but we were able to knock it out by at least half. (this is probably the reason our closet shelf was falling off the wall come to think of it)

If you have any questions just let me know. And if you need my help personally...I only charge a flight for a visit;)

 These two totes hold my seasonal decorations and my junk I can't get rid of, which includes my wedding shoes for some reason. (and yes I keep my purses in my pantry)
Our storage location in our garage. Some holiday decorations, camping stuff and mostly empty boxes. Again weird, but I want them. 

And I will also do some research for helpful hints by professionals too. I am extreme I realize, but remember...."If you don't use it, you lose it"

ps. I know I don't have kids or a lot of hobbies which things are needed for. But I still think my rules apply.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm negligent

Although I love to read blogs I have thoroughly neglected my own.
It's not that I don't enjoy updating everyone (again mostly Heather and possibly an aunt;) on my activities, it's just that I am a generally boring human being. When I am not working (right there a boring topic) you can usually find me on my couch catching up on my DVR. There, that right there is a topic I love and can talk about, how much I love our DVR! I am completely 100% addicted to every reality TV show on Bravo, VH1 and the Oxygen Network. is borderline a disorder. Now after saying that I can officially say that this year there will not be an" Update from a Mad Runner". Not only have I learned I really am a mad runner and completely dislike running except for the results (ahem, hot bod), I can only do a workout now when I am in front of my TV. I actually start my DVR and do a Nike workout right in my living room as the only thing that motivates me to get through my work day is my excitement to get home to watch my hour long, drama filled entertainment. This is the excitement of my life.
What can I tell you, I am officially lame. I never thought it would happen, but here I am 26 and stuck in a rut! I do need some motivation this summer. What would you like to hear me write about?
Let me know what exciting hobby you want me to try out, test, eat, cook, transform or get creative with. This does exclude of course anything that would require me to 1. jump out of an airplane 2. be around disgusting creatures 3. eat disgusting creatures but not limited to 1. shopping 2. shoes 3. chocolate. They are my favorite and possibly get me motivated.
Hope you have a great day and (Heather and Lori) let me know what you think!!