Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Decor DIY

OK so I had to do this cute DIY dining room project I blogged about a few weeks ago. I got it from the ...Love Maegen blog. Check out her blog for the step by step directions of the project. 

Here's what I did and ended up with!!
What you need:
one or two canvases (just depends how you want yours to look like, with the writing on two like Maegen did. I had one canvas so I just wanted to use one)
spray paint
stencils or make a template...I used Maegen's. She has a link to the template she used on her blog.
double stick tape
metal push pins

First things first...cut out the template you want to use. Cutting is hard. I remember always cutting things out when I was younger but I don't remember that it hurt my fingers. Wine helps. 

cutting out template...only good with a glass of wine

Next, mark on your canvas where you want the letters and make sure they will be straight.
Then use the double stick tape to stick on the lettering on the canvas.
taped on template

Then the fun part. Spray the canvas! Of course do it in an area where if over spray happens, it's OK. Let it dry and then take off the letters. (just follow the directions of the spray can, let it dry and do multiple coats if needed)
after paint...i put it inside to dry (it was so cold out the night i sprayed it plus i live by hoodlums, who know what they might have done to it) 

so i used scrap booking tape and i had a lot of over spray under my letters so i actually painted the letters with acrylic paint to make sure the words were more noticeable 

easiest part
 Stick the metal push pins around the edge of the canvas.

lastly hang it where you want it! So cute in our eat in kitchen

ps. seriously check out Maegan's blog. she has the best DIY's for almost everything you could think of not to mention she has amazing style

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