Friday, March 30, 2012

High Five Friday


Linkin up with Lauren for High Five For Friday again this week!

1. New Taste of Home came this week. My fav thing to get in the mail. 

in heaven

2. B and I had a pizza party and made some individual homemade pizza together! 

can you guess who's is who's, hehe
3. Challenge finale this week and Team Camille and Johnny won! Oh Yeah! (read here)

4. I am learning a new game and sticking with it!
yep that's right..chess. 

5. And Best of all B's mom is visiting this week!! Finally and at last, completely looking forward to a fun filled weekend with the in-laws!!

4th of july 2010
I am so looking forward to a fun weekend, nice weather and no work, yay!

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