Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update From A Mad Runner

"That's All She Wrote"

This song is the epitome of my workout this week. Not only did I not want to get up in the morning I didn't want to run, make dinner, in fact even leave my house! It must be all the running around we have been up to the past few weeks. I guess it's a good thing that my dream job which would require traveling to exotic areas did not pan out. I now have the luxury of being 5-7 minutes to my office. Oh yeah. You know that means I get up about 45 minutes to when I need to be at work.

In other news, I did leave my house (I am not a hermit after all!).
I made it 2 miles one day. I forget which one, although I am quite sure it was not Tuesday or Thursday or Friday...leaves Wednesday. Yeah, it was Wednesday. Did I mention how out of it I have been?
Now, not only did I make it 2 miles, I made it two miles OUTSIDE! Oh yeah, steppin up in my runs. I did have sore legs for the first time since last September.

Friday night I got home from work the same time B made it back from Transformer's 3, it was the third time he's seen it. Yes I married a seven year old. I won't even go into the action figures he has. Now back to after work, B rented five movies and we made it through three. Saturday after B's bike ride we finished the rest of them. Probably the best weekend since ND!!

That afternoon B went to the gym I peeled myself away from Clueless on the oxygen network and made it outside again (you know me too well, someone was already on the treadmill in the clubhouse). It felt like NoDak again, it was super humid out! Well humid and I was ready to get home. I thought for sure I would make it three miles but about a mile in I was ready to head home. I did take the Garmin and was able to know how far I made it, 2.37 miles in 23:11 minutes. So far my best.

I remembered why I stopped running (outside) in the first place. Not only are you super duper sweaty after, but the sidewalks are terrible and people ALWAYS honk, wave and yell out their windows! And to top it off I got splashed by a car, I was tired and slow and by the time I got my hand up to tell them thanks it was directed to a different car of elders, sorry about that!
I think I might need to take it to the parks again.

So if you check out the lyrics, two miles was "all she wrote" for me this week. And I guess I'll take it.

While I'm writing this I am back to Clueless and am mortified that I no longer have my Clueless CD soundtrack. If anyone has a copy, please (seriously please) let me borrow it!


  1. you had me laughing the entire time i read this... you're so funny!

  2. Oh never cease to amaze me. Laughing hard!!