Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

"on to the next one"

This was my running motto this week. Again I was exhausted this whole week and with some bad workout judgment on my end, it was so hard to finish my workouts. It seemed every time I was in trouble, Jay-Z's "On To The Next One" came on and gave me the motivation to finish.
Monday. Legs and back. Quick workout after a long day of work.
Tuesday. 4 mile run and P90X Cardio workout. It was a hot day and again I didn't get up in the A.M. to do my run . I got ready and was going to head over to the clubhouse when I saw that B didn't put the key back, so instead I did the Cardio workout and THEN decided to run. Not my best idea. I noticed my lungs are in better shape, but my legs were dead during the run.
Wednesday. 2 mile run and Arms. I DID IT. I got up in the A.M. and did my run. I tried to run it a little faster since the short miles and it felt good. I got my arms done after work in plenty of time to watch the season finale of "The Hills". So sad. haha
Thursday. 4 Miles and yoga. I did my yoga workout right after work thinking that it would help me warm up for my run. Again, not a good idea. I was tired and only made it just over 2 miles. Since the week was so terrible, I was tired and it was hot, I didn't let this get to me. I just went inside and stretched. Then enjoyed some ice cream.
Friday. Is a rest day. I usually do the P90X Core synergistics workout this day, but decided against it. I think that my body was telling me I needed a rest.
Saturday. B and I are back on our normal weekend schedule, and it feels good! We got up and went for coffee (we go to a new one every weekend, and think we topped our last favorite this week!), then decided to try a new We headed to the local Sports Authority and got some rackets, balls and a TON of other stuff we thought we needed. It was a successful trip. We headed out to the courts with a friend who plays and taught me how to swing correctly. It was so much fun. B and I found another new sport to do together!
Sunday. 6 mile run. I decided that on my long Sunday runs I would go to a different location instead of starting at our house. My friends were telling me about Liberty Park. It is home of walkers, runners, bikers, rollerbladers, an aviary, swing sets, tennis courts and the occasional Laire fights. It also had a 1 1/2 mile loop around it that is covered partially my trees and blocked from wind. I decided to try it out and was the best decision I made this whole week for my workouts. It was a beautiful morning and with all the other active people out, it made it feel like my own personal race and gave me the motivation to push myself. I don't know if it was the elderly people running or the woman pushing a stroller and running with her dog, but I finished the run in under an hour! Thank you Liberty Park!
This week was a crazy week, not only for my workouts, but work. The weather was hot, our air conditioner started making some weird noise and seems to have not worked quite as well this week. But this Sunday run really brought my spirits back up.

5 weeks down, 9 to go.

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