Monday, March 18, 2013

32 Weeks and Getting Poked In The Ribs

32 weeks, I can't believe it. I feel like time has really gone by fast because I just recently started to actually feel pregnant. Even though I've been bloated and feeling this change since about week seven. People have recently noticed the baby belly, even though I noticed it at week 13. I "felt" movement week 16, after the ultrasound on week 19 I knew what I started to feel was baby. Week 26 I had to get monitored and the nurse pointed out the baby's hiccups, week 29 I finally started to realize what they were.
 Now all I want is the time back to enjoy these changes, movements and wish I could have realized even sooner what it all was. I am enjoying knowing the baby is head down, her butt is on one side of my ribs and her feet are nicely tucking and kicking up under my ribs. She is still moving on both sides of my body and keeping me up at night. I really just can't wait to meet her. 

Slowly the countdown is coming.  I'm trying to prepare as much as possible for what I can but it's so hard to try to prepare for something that I have no idea how it can go. Reading up on this whole process, pregnancy, labor and delivery has helped.  But it has also just made me realize that whatever I plan won't happen that way. I have been reading up, trying to keep an open mind and prepare myself to take things as they come. 

So instead of reading about labor and delivery I decided I would read a little about what happens after little cookie gets here. Again, it seems as though how much I plan for it probably won't quite be the same. I found out today that cookie is going to be a Taurus, which says she is going to be stubborn. Yep, so I have that to look for. A very "strict to follow the routine" kind of baby which may be a little hard for me since I couldn't wait to get out, go for walks and try to meet up with other friends and get this little girl to learn to "go with the flow". May be a little challenge.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baby Shower

Last weekend my mom and sister and baby nephew Rhys came down and visited Ben, Asia, Izzie and me. I was looking forward to that trip for so long and had so much fun with them. They helped me get the nursery organized and kept me from feeling too overwhelmed. Also they threw me a beautiful baby shower. 

Thanks so much for everyone who came to celebrate little "cookie" with us! It means so much to me. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

30 Weeks

I'm going to try to be better at "bump"photos for this last trimester. So far so good. I hit a wall right before the last trimester started, first being sick and now getting a little sore and slow moving. Although I can not complain too much I know it can always be worse. 

Throughout this whole pregnancy I haven't had any fun cravings like they say happens! I would love to crave some pickles and ice cream, with ketchup or something else. The only thing I ALWAYS want is chocolate. That's not a whole lot different than when I'm not pregnant, I just have a little more self control. Bread, noodles, cereal and soup got me through the first trimester. Veggies are not my favorite since the beginning. Fruits are my favorite. So far I've gained just over 20 lbs and I forget how much weight that is until I'm doing yoga and realize that is why my arms are getting so stinking tired! I've been working out as much as I can without overdoing it. I found a great workout program I started right when I found out I was pregnant so I just did some light weights and then when I hit the second trimester I started yoga again and cardio. I took a couple weeks off a while ago and realized that I feel so much better when I work out. My stiff back doesn't feel as terrible and I get a little burst of energy. I also have started Zumba once a week. It's fun to get moving and doing something new. I'm horrible but it's something different.