Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ants In Your Pants!!

Ants. They are the only thing I can not stand. I think these little creatures are the most disgusting, nasty little monsters. 
Yesterday while Izzie and I were hanging around at home, she was enjoying a bone on her bed when she decided to join me on the couch. I noticed Izzie had something in her little beard. Upon closer inspection I saw it was a little ant. I had to hold her down to get it out, and barely was able to do so as it was so gross! When Ben got home a few hours later I noticed there was another little ant crawling up on the wall by our stairs. I lost it and Ben told me to calm down. I was searching high and low over by our patio door and Izzie's bed looking for these little parasites. We didn't see anything so I chalked it up to being drug in with Izzie from the morning. 
Then today I noticed these freaking ants in Izzie's little beards again! More than yesterday. Luckily Ben was home and was able to help and picked them out. It took two of us to hold her down! I lost it and of course made Ben search high and low for these ants that had to be in our house. Low and behold there were hundreds of them coming from the wall in our kitchen being drawn in by Izzie's dog food. They had taken over her entire bowl and the rest of the wall! I completely lost it at this point. I attacked all of them with the Raid I had left over from when we were in our rental house and they all immediately froze death, as they should. Ben clean up the corpses, I swept and we then sprayed the entire kitchen down with the Ant Killing Spray I had.
At this time, no more ants....please pray with me to make sure they don't come back!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update From A Mad Runner

Well...this post will be short. I ran only one night last week. I took Monday off I suppose because it was hot out, I don't remember. I have all my days mixed up from traveling last Wednesday to Minneapolis. We headed out east for a wedding and then time to visit my baby nephew.
We flew standby both ways. We finally got on the third flight from SLC. I almost made it on the second, we were going to split up, but then the owner of the seat came walking up at the last minute. If only she knew how close she was to losing her seat. It worked out very well though as B and I got on the same flight and B's friend picked us up after work. We went out to a great patio restaurant, had a full strength beer and were able to catch up.
Thursday we went to the Vikings Training camp to watch the seven on seven practice. Now, I can't say I know alot about football, but it was so exciting to watch the practice camp and be there to experience that. They had concessions, games and jump jumps for kids! It was amazing!
We were able to hang out with B's friends the rest of Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday we were able to meet up with Heather and Cameron at the MOA to do some shopping, lunching and Caribou! B and I were able to get some great Minnesota gear, Twins shirts and Gophers shorts.
B and I babysat Cameron on Monday afternoon. But before than B got a great surprise and Jason and Heather took us to Pizza Ranch, B's favorite! All you can eat Taco pizza! B was in heaven.
Cameron and I had such a great time playing, he didn't even want to take a nap even though I could barely keep my eyes open! Tuesday Heather only works in the morning so we were able to hang out in the afternoon. We ate at the mexican place, shopped at Bargin Betty's, got some New Prague Trojans gear and then drove to Caribou and Target.
We left this morning. B and I got to the airport ready for the first flight, 7 a.m. At the last minutes we were able to get on the flight, thankfully some people missed a connection and there were open seats for us! So lucky!

So, not much working out this last week but B decided to go on a diet, chicken and rice. I'll try it out with him, for a bit, although I don't think that I can cut out certain foods of course, chocolate and mac and cheese.

I did get a lot of reading in. I finished the prequels to SATC novels, The Carrie Diary's and Summer and The City. I borrowed a friends book, One Day and finished that on my trip. I was not sure what the book was about, but I loved it. It describes the friendship of a man and woman who met on their college graduation and the trials and tribulations over the span of 20 years. It was very good, although the book was written in London and I don't like reading their accents. That and the chapters were very long. I took a couple other books with, the first two books of The Hunger Games trilogies. I started The Hunger Games and am over half done already. I could not put it down! I took a nap after we came home today and I was dreaming about it!
 Training Camp
 Just chillin with the players, no big deal
 7 on 7
 Ben with his buddy
 Wedding Party
 Beautiful Bride

 Showing off our new Twins gear
 Cameron is a little ham for his auntie!
 So is his mom

 Cameron's not so happy with his mom's photos

 Family walk time
 Pirate loves Ben
Cameron loves watching him momma run!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Update From a Mad Runner

"Have you ever heard of Idgie Threadgoode?"

I can officially say I worked out last week. I ran THREE days. Cwazy I know.

Monday and Wednesday I was able to pull myself away from the DVR to get out and run 1.5 miles. Monday it was hot out but I still made it outside...actually I had to because the treadmill and elliptical were in use by the lazies that live in my complex. (No, I do not group myself in with the lazies). It was hot out but I found a nice route that feels like the Liberty Part route, except for the industrial buildings and traffic opposed to trees and no vehicles. I also had to walk the last half of the block because of a side ache.

Wednesday was like heaven, I was able to use the clubhouse treadmill, and even better the TV was working!  For the past two months I was emailing our HOA company to get the TV channels working again. They kept telling me that they found a local cable company that would do it for free but there would only be 30 or so channels. I always informed them that I don't care if there is two channels, but it is not working. So it was either myself or another smart ass that lives there, but they finally went back to Direct TV and it works! I ran my 1.5 miles in peace and "Say Yes To The Dress".

Both days I did push ups and abs after, while watching reality TV of course. My Nike workout's have been pushed to the back burner as now I am too lazy after running to do a full 15 minutes of abs, arms or legs. Typical.

Friday I was going to do a run or at least a work out when I got home, but it was hot, humid and I just didn't feel like doing a damn thing. I put on shorts, watched TV and cooked dinner. Then hit up a night run to Target for some goodies and a baby shower gift for a friend.

Saturday was the big day. I slept in, took Izzie out and found no one in the workout room again and was able to run in peace. I got there right when "Fried Green Tomato's" started and by the time the first commercial came around I was also in 1.5 miles and made my way to 2 miles. I had a nice chat with another lady working out about how wonderful that movie is and even made it through a Nike Work out when I got back to my place. I must have done enough workouts on it to make them think I'm bored or something (I usually only do 1 of 5 out of about 30+ workouts, so no, I'm not bored) because there was a link to unlock a new workout named after one of the USA Woman's Soccer players. it intrigued me and I unlocked it only to be running in place and doing to taps on the floor for 15 minutes. Hey, I'm not much of a soccer fan, but that gave me a huge side ache!

Sunday I shopped.....enough said.