Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ants In Your Pants!!

Ants. They are the only thing I can not stand. I think these little creatures are the most disgusting, nasty little monsters. 
Yesterday while Izzie and I were hanging around at home, she was enjoying a bone on her bed when she decided to join me on the couch. I noticed Izzie had something in her little beard. Upon closer inspection I saw it was a little ant. I had to hold her down to get it out, and barely was able to do so as it was so gross! When Ben got home a few hours later I noticed there was another little ant crawling up on the wall by our stairs. I lost it and Ben told me to calm down. I was searching high and low over by our patio door and Izzie's bed looking for these little parasites. We didn't see anything so I chalked it up to being drug in with Izzie from the morning. 
Then today I noticed these freaking ants in Izzie's little beards again! More than yesterday. Luckily Ben was home and was able to help and picked them out. It took two of us to hold her down! I lost it and of course made Ben search high and low for these ants that had to be in our house. Low and behold there were hundreds of them coming from the wall in our kitchen being drawn in by Izzie's dog food. They had taken over her entire bowl and the rest of the wall! I completely lost it at this point. I attacked all of them with the Raid I had left over from when we were in our rental house and they all immediately froze death, as they should. Ben clean up the corpses, I swept and we then sprayed the entire kitchen down with the Ant Killing Spray I had.
At this time, no more ants....please pray with me to make sure they don't come back!

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