Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Izzie

I was listing to the radio last week and they had a trainer on who was talking about dogs and their behavior. The trainer was saying how some dogs think that they own YOU. I was laughing when I was listening to them talk about dog's behavior, because it made me think of Izzie and how she acts.
The trainer was saying how some dogs go so crazy because they think they need to protect you. This is the reason they chew on furniture or pee on everything when you leave them alone, they are so distraught about the idea of you, OUT THERE. So when you come home and are upset about the mess your house is in, they think your mad because of what happened, OUT THERE, not because of your torn up furniture.
Everytime I think of this I giggle because I know that's what Izzie thinks. She goes insane if I am in the house and Ben is not. It's like she doesn't understand why we are not together and why Ben is not there and she needs to make sure he is OK.
I guess even though I am now in my own home I still have my little mama watching out for me.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Start to a new week

Ben and I did get that hike in on Saturday. It was beautiful out! We actually found some motivation in us and decided to hike up to the second lake! It was a great day to do the big hike, and in good time as it is suppose to snow in the mountains on Wednesday. Yes, I did just say snow. People always keep saying that there is not much of a fall season here in Utah, but seriously A WEEK!

A new work week has started and I am already trying to figure out how to get through it! It has been one weird month at work and I just have "those days". My mom sent a great email to Ben and I, just to keep your head up and it and it will all work out in the end. I keep thinking about that and that's how I get through those days, Thanks Mom!!
Well, on a lighter note, I did some shopping on Sunday and got my Halloween decorating done! I may need to get some more stuff, but our house is getting the fall "Halloween" make over started! Izzie got a new costume this weekend as well. I found a cute clown outfit for Izzie. She looked so great in it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Check these out!

Since I am fairly new at this whole blog world, I have been interested into seeing what other people blog about. I added some new links to my page for some blogs and Web pages that I have found with some of my interests:

Shopping-Of course right! I love to shop and love to learn how to make items I have work for a whole new look. One of the blogs there is a blogger who shows how she uses her wardrobe for work and hanging out. It has given me new ideas of what I can do with my existing wardrobe and save some moola. The other is one I just like to read! It has updates on everything from deals at store to NYC fashion week. We all love to dream, right?

Awkward Family Photos-Just take a look and you'll know why I like it.

Baking-I have received some new baking tools since Ben and I were married and have been trying out some new recipes. This blog has a ton of great goodies to try. I hope my co-workers are ready for this!

Home Decor-My new favorite channel to watch is HGTV, all about homes, decorating and how to style it. I, myself, am not that great at decorating but am trying to learn. I love this site as it is a woman who comes up with cheap ideas on what will work for your space as well as thrift store goodies that she finds and makes work. It's fun to see what can be done.

Crock pot-From our great friends, Jen and Jason, Ben and I got a great crock pot for a wedding gift. I have only used it once so far (and a very successful meal was made) but Jen showed me this blog and it has many great looking recipes. I just need to try more.

Organic-I don't do everything organic, but am interested in organic foods and cleaning supplies, and have started buying more organic products. This is a new blog I found, but seems very interesting. Just up for learning new things.

Check them out for yourself! You can learn a lot of great stuff!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn!!

And all we're doing is Work. Work. Work.

It's only Tuesday, three more full days of work to go, and I am dreading it. I feel as though I haven't gotten anything done at work since before Labor Day weekend. Why is it that people don't want to get things resolved! Help me help you!! Ben has been just as stressed out, so we always are working for the weekend, literally.

So, for a weekly solution, we are going to start doing a weekly date night, to help break up the week for us. This week will be our first. We are going to go and check out a sushi place on Thursday. Also we want to try and get that hike in on Saturday morning that I planned last weekend and we didn't make it. I think that the weather is going to be fairly nice again this week and into the weekend. Then probably the typical weekend for us....Ben will watch football, I will shop, cook, clean, eat, nap and watch girly movies. I have been trying harder this year and watching at least one game a weekend. So far I'm 1-2. Fairly good I think.

Well, today wasn't all bad, Benny got me some flowers to cheer me up. I think these will help me make it to Friday. What a great husband!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Lazy Weekend

Ben and I had all these things planned for the weekend, but we ended up bumming around, both days.

Friday night I went out with a few girlfriends and we hit up Keys on Main, a fun piano bar downtown SLC. It was a little crazy, as it usually gets when I'm out with the girls.

Saturday, Ben and I were going to get up before 8 to head out on a hike that I want to do up Big Cottonwood Canyon, but we slept in, Benny went and got breakfast, and we hung out and watched TV all day.

Our hot water heater has broke down on us, yet again, and we are still trying to get a hold of our landlord to fix it. It has made me head to the gym more often than I prefer to utilized the showers there. I think I'll only be able to handle maybe a few more days of this.

Here are some pictures from my hike up in Park City a few weeks ago.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was on the computer the other night and caught Izzie having a moment. She is such a silly little dog. Always on the go, we never catch her like this. It's so hilarious to see her when she actually tires out.

Goofy little puppy keeps our hearts warm.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick update

So just a quick update of the last couple of weeks:

August 29-Ben and I had our first BBQ, with quests that is. We invited over some friend, grilled, played yard games and then Ben busted out the new Playstation 3 and everyone took turns. It was a great time and I was so worried and it all went OK so I know that I will be able to do this again.

Labor Day weekend-Ben and I decided to use the extra day off to relax a little bit. Saturday morning Ben and I got up bright and early and hit the Sniagrab, a popular Utah ski and snow sale. We also feel more like Utahans because we got a pass to Snowbird for the season, we have really stepped it up this year;) Later that day I went to my friend's baby shower, it was fun, met some new people, and got to guess the baby belly! It was my first baby shower and was a great time, so excited for you Jen and Jason!! Saturday night Ben and I went out to a nice little grille close to our house, had a quick bite, and then headed home, put on the sweats and watched Heros. Heros came out on DVD a couple weeks ago and that is one of our new favorite shows to watch at night. Monday I headed up to Park City and did a hike with my friend Carissa. It was beautiful out and a gorgeous hike! After we went to a great restaurant in Kimball Junction before we headed back down. That night we headed over to Jen and Jason's for another BBQ and caught up on everything. Tuesday, unfortunately it was back to work for us.

September 13-Football season starts! This is Ben's favorite time of year, he like to sit and watch the games with the laptop on his lap watching fantasy football! I am even playing this year on a team. Hopefully Ben will teach me well and it goes good for the both of us this year. Later that night, it was time for the VMA's, I know, why am I talking about this? It was a crazy show, not only do I now know that Lady Ga Ga is truly insane and am so excited for Halloween, but also learned that Kanya West must have a couple mental disorders. If you missed the show itself, go ahead and turn on the TV, basically to any news channel, and you will see everyone...seriously, everyone...talking about him interrupting Taylor Swift's award acceptance speech. Wow, they even said that Obama commented on this! I think that it's crazy that Patrick Swayze passes away after fighting with cancer and a college student goes missing and then they find her body, and all the news stations are talking about Mr. West. Maybe it's just me, but that is why he acts out, haven't you heard "any press is good press."
P.S. the last and most important thing that I learned from the VMA's is that Jay-z is amazing and then next thing I'm buying is his new CD.
Ben and I got up early on Labor Day and went up into Big Cottonwood Canyon for brunch. It was such a beautiful morning.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ben and I had our first BBQ last Saturday night. It was nice to have friends come over and feel like a real grown up married couple! We made it as easy as possible and made burgers, hot dogs and brats. The weather was amazing, we had a couple close friends come over and later Ben got to play his new PlayStation 3 with everyone, while everyone else was able to catch up and chat. I got my wedding pictures the day before and was able to show all the girls the pictures!

The next day, I was up early, the only time I have control of the remote and am able to watch the girly shows by myself. Ben and I have been so tired still since the wedding weekend. I can't even believe it has already been 17 days! We are being lazy on the weekends, so Ben slept in and I got a little bored watching TV and decided that it was a great day to do something new, so I made a hair appointment. I figured now since I am a married women I may need a new look...so I went brunette! I love it and feel like a new woman!

The last couple days I have been working on my recipe book and trying out new recipes...ok actually all of them have been cookies and muffins, but I am still putting all my new pots and pans to good use. If anyone has any great recipies for me to try, send them my way! I still have to use my new crock pot sometime soon, maybe over the holiday weekend I'll give it a shot!