Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick update

So just a quick update of the last couple of weeks:

August 29-Ben and I had our first BBQ, with quests that is. We invited over some friend, grilled, played yard games and then Ben busted out the new Playstation 3 and everyone took turns. It was a great time and I was so worried and it all went OK so I know that I will be able to do this again.

Labor Day weekend-Ben and I decided to use the extra day off to relax a little bit. Saturday morning Ben and I got up bright and early and hit the Sniagrab, a popular Utah ski and snow sale. We also feel more like Utahans because we got a pass to Snowbird for the season, we have really stepped it up this year;) Later that day I went to my friend's baby shower, it was fun, met some new people, and got to guess the baby belly! It was my first baby shower and was a great time, so excited for you Jen and Jason!! Saturday night Ben and I went out to a nice little grille close to our house, had a quick bite, and then headed home, put on the sweats and watched Heros. Heros came out on DVD a couple weeks ago and that is one of our new favorite shows to watch at night. Monday I headed up to Park City and did a hike with my friend Carissa. It was beautiful out and a gorgeous hike! After we went to a great restaurant in Kimball Junction before we headed back down. That night we headed over to Jen and Jason's for another BBQ and caught up on everything. Tuesday, unfortunately it was back to work for us.

September 13-Football season starts! This is Ben's favorite time of year, he like to sit and watch the games with the laptop on his lap watching fantasy football! I am even playing this year on a team. Hopefully Ben will teach me well and it goes good for the both of us this year. Later that night, it was time for the VMA's, I know, why am I talking about this? It was a crazy show, not only do I now know that Lady Ga Ga is truly insane and am so excited for Halloween, but also learned that Kanya West must have a couple mental disorders. If you missed the show itself, go ahead and turn on the TV, basically to any news channel, and you will see everyone...seriously, everyone...talking about him interrupting Taylor Swift's award acceptance speech. Wow, they even said that Obama commented on this! I think that it's crazy that Patrick Swayze passes away after fighting with cancer and a college student goes missing and then they find her body, and all the news stations are talking about Mr. West. Maybe it's just me, but that is why he acts out, haven't you heard "any press is good press."
P.S. the last and most important thing that I learned from the VMA's is that Jay-z is amazing and then next thing I'm buying is his new CD.
Ben and I got up early on Labor Day and went up into Big Cottonwood Canyon for brunch. It was such a beautiful morning.

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