Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Izzie

I was listing to the radio last week and they had a trainer on who was talking about dogs and their behavior. The trainer was saying how some dogs think that they own YOU. I was laughing when I was listening to them talk about dog's behavior, because it made me think of Izzie and how she acts.
The trainer was saying how some dogs go so crazy because they think they need to protect you. This is the reason they chew on furniture or pee on everything when you leave them alone, they are so distraught about the idea of you, OUT THERE. So when you come home and are upset about the mess your house is in, they think your mad because of what happened, OUT THERE, not because of your torn up furniture.
Everytime I think of this I giggle because I know that's what Izzie thinks. She goes insane if I am in the house and Ben is not. It's like she doesn't understand why we are not together and why Ben is not there and she needs to make sure he is OK.
I guess even though I am now in my own home I still have my little mama watching out for me.

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