Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How do you know if your in love?

No seriously, how do you?

It seems to me that there are different kinds of love. There's family love, the way you feel about parents, siblings and relatives. There is friend love, caring so much about your friends that you will tell them the absolutely truth, no matter how horrible it will make them feel. And then there is true love.

How do you know when it is true love? How do you know when it is "right"? How do you know when it is the person you should be with forever, make a life together, someone you make all the hard decisions with?

I guess the truest answer is you don't know. You don't always know when it is right. This is where the other feelings come into play. Like trust, lust, compassion and honesty.

Ben and I have been married for approximately three months and sometimes I still wonder, what made us take this leap?

Everything was great before Ben put a ring on my finger. We had fun together and we were able to do our own things. We were always honest, caring and loved one another so what difference is there if there are rings involved?

People have asked me multiple times how married life is...honestly it's about the same. Not much has changed but my last name, and it's the most extensive change yet! Ben and I still care about, love each other, are honest and compassionate, but we haven't done a lot of the life planning yet. When is this supposed to happen? It seems most people plan so much of their lives now. When to buy a home, when to have children, what are we going to do for the holidays and when will we be debt free. Now personally I feel as though life happens now. It is the last minute plans with friends, the quick trips, the nights hanging out at home. Where does the planning fit in? My mom always said she didn't plan when she was going to have kids, "where is the fun in that? You will never feel ready." And that's OK. That's what life is. It's happening now.
I guess that's how you know when your in love. It's when you do the day to day things together and know that it is all you have ever wanted in life. It's now.

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