Thursday, November 5, 2009

ah fall and scary movies

So....Ben and I had a great Halloween. We headed up to Park City and went bar hopping with some friends. Ben was a pilot and I was dressed as an aviator, WE MATCHED! Everything thought Ben was a cop every bar we went into, "is he serious?" is what I kept hearing.
The night went by fast, but we had so much fun.
It has been so cold here lately. They even opened a resort on Halloween for season pass holders, seriously in October! The resorts aren't set to open up for a couple more weeks. Ben is patiently waiting to go and I am excited the weather warmed up a bit!
The night before Halloween, one of Ben's friends asked us to go to "Paranormal Activity" which is a scary movie about ghost that came out this year. Ben HATES scary movies and I love them, but being a nice husband, Ben came with. I didn't think the movies was that scary, it was ok, but I wanted more. A few nights after the movie Izzie started acting wierd at night and NOW I'm freaked out about the movie and do not like being home alone! One night, about 5 a.m. Izzie woke up barking, fighting to get out from under the covers and ran to both doors. Ben went out to see what she was doing and she was sitting on her bed, almost as if she was confused and thought she was in trouble! A few nights after that debacle, I woke up to Izzie chowing down on her food at 2 a.m. It was so bizarre, she doesn't eat a bunch of food at once and in the middle of the night she devoured her whole bowl of food! I am trying not to think about that movie, but it just happens and now I think it is so freaky!! I had to google it to make sure it was fake, don't worry, it was.
So, not much else new, one of my friends is moving in a few weeks and we will proably hang out with her until she moves. My friend is in town until tomorrow night working for the Idaho hockey team, we are going to the game on Friday, and I am going on a hike this afternoon....yay half days and 70 degree weather!

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