Sunday, November 6, 2011

So I haven't been busy persay....

but I have been quite lazy on keeping up on my blog.
Instead of writing a long blog (like the last one) I figured I would explain in minimal words and pics.
1. I tried new food the last few months. Sauerkraut (and I grew up around it!) and a Reuben sandwich. I loved them both.
2. I bought my spouse a large shelf for his Transformers (he is not 12, and yes it will be filled).
3. I am obsessed with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"! I don't want to put it down and NEED the next book ASAP.
 Cameron didn't like his B-Day cupcakes!
Cameron, Mom and Cam: Day at Snowbird 
 Close up
 Cameron with his Auntie and Uncle
 B and I at Snowbird, this area is now covered in snow
 Birthday Pic
 Ashley, Cyn and I at my surprise B-Day party
 Toast to Denver!
 Este's Park
 An Elk, he was tanning in the sun
 My favorite part of the trip, tour of Stanley Hotel!
 B, me and an orb. 
 "Race you to the top!"
 "We landed on the Moon!"
Sean White and the Black Swan
 Mandy and I
 Pretty Ladies
 The Redfield's Downtown Denver
 B and Me downtown
Thanks for the great trip!!

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