Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update From a Mad Runner

I don't know what's more pathetic, the fact that shopping at H&M gave me the motivation to get my run on or the fact that a year ago I was able to train and run a half marathon and now can barely get the motivation to run at all! H&M opened in SLC last Friday. The lines were out the door (obv) so I went on Sunday with a friend. We didn't have to wait in line too long (yes, there was still a line to get into the store) and we spent a while scouring the store, all sections, making sure we did not miss one article of clothing. I wore heels to shop in, it's been a while since I now work with limitations of how high my heels can be. I looked good but by Sunday night I was already feeling in my legs the downfall of my decision. How can i be so sore from shopping?! By Monday my back, neck legs..holy hell I was in pain and that's when I decided I better motivate myself to get back into shape!

Monday; I was ready to start off strong. I made it 1.5 miles did a .5 mile walk. Enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall while I ran and busted it out in under a half an hour. Now why do I think running is such a pain in the ass when it is one of the fastest ways to get a workout in?
Tuesday; I was still ready to kick it into gear. I did another 1.5 miles, no walking, then did my Nike Fit arm definer workout and ab definer.
Wednesday; I am still SO sore from working out, shopping, running I don't know what. My arms were twitching all day at work. I decided to do my yogalates (yoga and Pilates) workout video. I have a few different workouts on it, abs, arms and lower body. Since my arms were in no shape to withstand another defining work out I decided to do the leg workout. I thought it would be nice to get a good stretch in, little did I know (remember) it was an actual workout for my lets. It definitely didn't help with my sore hamstrings, but I made it through.
Thursday; Day off. I was not feeling it and was also heading up to PC to visit a friend for dinner. I left after work and B had my car and I had his Jeep. Let me start this story by letting you know that we just had some work done to the Jeep. Here in the beautiful state of Utah you have to get your vehicle checked out to pass a safety and emission test. Let's just say B's Jeep passed after about $400 of work. The next week the check engine light came back on, we took it back to the place to get checked out, they say nothing was wrong. Light went off. Next week light came back on, I got it check and it was for the same thing we just spent the money on to repair. Light went off. I head up to PC, I'm accelerating up a Mt and all of a sudden the Jeep makes a noise and the light comes back on. In the meantime a semi is speeding up behind me and I am not able to move, the RPM's drop to 0 and I am down to about 40 MPH on a 65 MPH uphill climb. Luckily I veered over to an off ramp that THANK GOD was right there, called the friend I was meeting to explain why I'm late and then realize that I can not not stop. I finally found out the engine shut off on me. I got the Jeep stopped, parked and restarted the damn thing and pulled into a gas station and called the only person I thought could help dad. The car was running fine, but I was so nervous to even think about driving down a canyon, at night, with the possibility of this car engine shutting off on me again and not having breaks! I finally calmed down, my friend got me to the restaurant by way of back roads and we had a great meal and caught up. We came to the determination that she would follow me down the canyon to make sure I made it home OK.
Friday; Rule I have, no workouts Friday.
Saturday; I only have 2 more miles to run for the week. I pushed myself, actually not that hard and made it the 2 miles, walked .5 miles and did some squats and arm curls. Hallelujah!
I spent the rest of my Saturday cleaning, getting coffee, shopping, finished cleaning, more shopping (which by the way, hello Xmas season, it's crazy out there) and then apps and games with friends.

Now Sunday, we had brunch with an old coworker who was in town and then football. Right now I have no motivation to do anything else, not even leave my room, but I might try to do a Nike Fit work out (right now I'm betting that doesn't happen, but please wish me luck!)
Up next.....I will try to run more that 5 miles in this next week.

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