Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update From A Mad Runner

Well this week I started out strong. Of course I did though, what do you expect when Thanksgiving is at the end of the week!
Monday: 1.5 miles, walked .5 did ab and shoulder ripper workout. My running is not getting any better though. I think I got my running form from Phoebe...if you are familiar with Friends you understand what I am talking about. This year I'm thankful for no one being in our workout room when I am...I would get embarrassed for sure.
Tuesday: Another 1.5 miles. Whoo Hoo! I was only going to do 1 mile, but got the energy I guess (must be from my running form). Then went to girls movie night. Breaking Dawn Part 1. Terrible, Terrible movie. I have to admit I will watch Part 2, but I am not excited about it. I can not believe those people are paid actors and actresses!
Wednesday: After work I braved the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I had all my Thanksgiving shopping done but then decided to make something new for dinner and needed a few ingredients. I survived. I then ran 1 mile and did a 30 minute workout on my Nike Fit while I caught up on my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Got to love the drama! I also pulled my groin, not from running but from my high leg kicks (I was warming up, after my run, so strange). Guess I'll have to work on that one.
Thursday: Turkey Day! No workout! Yes. B and I went up to Snowbird Resort for my first day on the Mts. It was terrible. There is not a lot of snow yet, only two lifts open and the lines were crazy. There was only one way down the Mt. and I guess this is the best time to teach your youngest to ski because there was a million young kids on the slopes. But, after that rant, it was nice to get out to the Mt. We'll have to wait for more snow to fall to go again. I am sore as can be, in my neck, which is weird cause I don't remember falling.
Friday: My day off. No, not from work, from workouts. I did work that day, and B got up early and went Black Friday shopping with some friends. He braved the lines, got some great deals and had brunch all before I spoke to my first customer of the day. He also got me The Girl Who Played with Fire. I am so excited to start reading it! Another amazing part of this week, one of my best friends was in town for the holiday visiting her family! We were able to meet them for dinner and caught up on everything that has happened since their wedding in June.
Saturday: We slept in, B was still tired from shopping. I was up early, called my family. Watched The House Bunny did an arm workout and ab ripper on my Nike Fit. I also finished my running week with my 2 mile run! Holla I made it and walked .5 miles for a cool down. We laid low for the night and then B and I went out on a date night and then saw my friends again one last time before they flew out today.
I guess Sunday will be another day off for me. Not officially but this week for sure. B woke up with the flu and was in bed all day. I was able to decorate our house like crazy for Christmas and did some shopping.Found my xmas present to myself....Clueless! I also found about $100 worth of more decorations. In LOVE with our house and tree! I hope the weeks go by slow until Christmas so I can enjoy the decor.

Other big amazing news of the big brother is engaged! So excited for him and his new fiance, Kari. Congrats to both of you! Love you millions and so excited to get another member of our family!

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