Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another lazy Sunday....

What an amazing weekend.
Snow in the Mts, none on the Valley floor. Enjoyed some amazing Bad Ass coffee and even made a pot at home. B and I went grocery shopping on Friday and bought some new coffee creamers.
Did a butt buster workout on Saturday, still feeling the pain today. Was going to run tonight, but decided against it and made the typical NoDak Sunday dinner, meatloaf, veggies, stuffing and baked beans for my hunny. Then enjoyed the reality shows of Sunday night and now watching a movie...God I love HBO.
Highlight of my weekend. Doing my early Xmas shopping (for myself) at the new H&M store that opened here in SLC. There were lines to get into the store, but luckily being in Morman country on Sundays means the lines are going to be about 1/3 as long as they were yesterday. I found some amazing deals, sweaters, hats and stuff for my big Ben. I decided that mall shopping in general is not my thing anymore and will stick to the outdoor shops, but all in all it was a success!
New fur hat...gotta stay warm out there!

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