Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(LATE) Update From A Mad Runner

SO....Like I mentioned last time I am going to run in a Dirty 10K in August with a friend so I better start running soon.
Last week I made it close to 2 miles two different times last week. Woo Hoo right.
Not really, I actually started out doing a 5 K loop on the treadmill and walked about 1.25 miles and then ran the rest. Holla I made it!
Tuesday I decided I better make an effort and ran 1.75 miles.
I know I know, I couldn't even make a 2 miler and last year I was doing (easy) 5 milers. Sheesh how things change. But you do have to start somewhere right?
I have found something I can do it's the Nike workout's on our IPad that are 30-45 minutes or so and I can do it while I watch TV (DVR actually so I get my breathers when I fast forward through the commercials).

Anyways, this week I will try to get up to 2 miles (the motivational comments can start now).
Ben and I just got back from a trip to Vegas last night and I am beat, no workout for me tonight. of course we are also going to the "Transformers 3" movie tonight because B is a psycho about that show and we have to go opening night, which by the way is 12:01 a.m. Yes I am going to take a nap, and yes I will get popcorn.
Well short and sweet, just like my runs.
Here are a couple pictures of our June activities.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catch This!!

Ok, again it has been a while. I was on a roll there for a bit but we have been out of town for a week and of course you know I have been spending the rest of my time catching up with the "Real Housewives" and blogs!
B and I went home to a friends beautiful and amazing wedding. It was such a great time and was wonderful to see all our friends and of course family!
We are heading to Vegas this weekend...it is the summer of trips for B and me. Actually we only have one left in August and then Halloween. But we still have done a lot and have been able to see people. Finally we can enjoy summer and some time off!

Well, I guess you may get the reading pleasure of "Update from a Mad Runner" again as I agreed to a 10K Mud Run. It's definitely not the training regiment that the dreaded 1/2 took, but still, it's a regiment I have to get on. Ugh, I'm already dreading the training! I made it a whole mile and a half the other day. Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Money Matters

Ok, so again with my favorite Web site, The Nest. (I just love it, it has so many topics and advice on it!) I just ran across an article "How to Survive on One Salary" . No, I didn't lose my job, nor did Ben, but it started to make me think about how Ben and I need to start a budget and stick with it.
Now I want your advice. Give me ideas to start a budge, how to's and ideas you have for me.
P.S. the easier the better. I lose interest, especially when shopping. Not a good trait.