Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Pioneers, 5K and fireworks, Oh My!

What a week! No air conditioning from Sunday night to Wednesday morning and it was a horrible few nights.
.Monday. Leg workout. I took advantage of the clubhouse and the air conditioning. It was a great workout and I was able to do pull ups! I also found a new pair of tennis shoes and broke them in that night.
.Tuesday. 4 mile run. I was able to get up in the morning and do my run. It was amazing, beautiful morning and I think my new tennis shoes helped get me into a good pace.
.Wednesday. 2 miles. Again, I got up early and pushed myself to run this as fast as I could. I finished in 16 minutes, in time to meet up with the air conditioning repair man. He informed us our air conditioning froze over and was blocking all the air coming out! Luckily he was able to get it unfroze before we went to work that morning. It was great to come home that night to a cool house!!
.Thursday. Another 4 mile run. I was not able to get up in the morning and was so tired after work, so I decided to run in the clubhouse that night. I only did a couple miles and laid low the rest of the night.
.Friday. Rest! Not going to do anything! B and I went out for dinner on the patio at Red Rock, it was amazing. We beat the crowd and were home in time to watch a movie and still able to get to bed at a normal time.
.Saturday. 5K day! I found a 5K to do in Provo, UT. Since it was the UT holiday Pioneer Day, there were a couple of races to chose from, but this was the only one that had a 5K race. So, B and I got up early, got a cup of coffee and headed down to Provo. It was a great morning, cool and no wind. This is the first time in over 3 years I ran a road race by myself. The first experience I had was not good, so I was a little nervous. But, B was with me and he helped me keep my cool. I found the location, got my packet and had time to hang out with B before my run. I started out at the end of the pack, I think that this helps with the competitive side of me and pushes me to catch up to people. The run felt great and had some mile markers with supportive words on it to keep me going. Also, they had a surprise about mile 2.5, a man in a kilt playing the bagpipe! It was a hilarious and random site. But after him a nice straight stretch to the finish line. I finished strong and B told me I finished about 28 minutes (my goal was 30). I was happy. We hung out, had some of the breakfast, and I ran into another runner I knew who had just finished the 10K and was waiting for his wife to finish. I wanted to wait and see what the winning time for my age group was. I found the time sheets and I placed 7th in my age group with a time of 27:12! I was so happy! B and I headed back to SLC, stopped at our friends new home (which is amazing!) and then placed a little tennis before we relaxed for the rest of the day.
That night, there was fireworks galore all over town. We were able to watch them from our front porch.
.Sunday. Rest for me. B went for a long bike ride with a friend. Now time for a relaxing rest of our weekend.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home Cookin Goodness

Since I have been working on my kitchen skills I thought I would share a great family recipe (and B's new favorite meal;) with everyone:

Homemade Pizza

Bread Dough (there are frozen loafs or you can get frozen biscuit dough too)
1 can of cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup (the celery soup is a little sweeter)
1 can of tomato soup
1 package of taco seasoning
1 pound of ground meat/ground turkey
any additional toppings

.raise bread dough (cover it in butter, cover and let raise. will work if you set it out in the a.m.)
.brown meat
.mix together soups for sauce
.spread out dough cover in sauce, sprinkle taco seasoning over. put meat on top with cheese and additional toppings.
.bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

*my mom has been making this for years, a traditional family dinner with a little homemade twist, which will stay with us forever. Thanks Mom!!
** you can use a homemade crust recipe as well, I've done it once and it turned out great! A little thicker crust.
***I made this last week and used chicken and skipped the taco sauce and used pepper jack cheese for flavoring. turned out great!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

"on to the next one"

This was my running motto this week. Again I was exhausted this whole week and with some bad workout judgment on my end, it was so hard to finish my workouts. It seemed every time I was in trouble, Jay-Z's "On To The Next One" came on and gave me the motivation to finish.
Monday. Legs and back. Quick workout after a long day of work.
Tuesday. 4 mile run and P90X Cardio workout. It was a hot day and again I didn't get up in the A.M. to do my run . I got ready and was going to head over to the clubhouse when I saw that B didn't put the key back, so instead I did the Cardio workout and THEN decided to run. Not my best idea. I noticed my lungs are in better shape, but my legs were dead during the run.
Wednesday. 2 mile run and Arms. I DID IT. I got up in the A.M. and did my run. I tried to run it a little faster since the short miles and it felt good. I got my arms done after work in plenty of time to watch the season finale of "The Hills". So sad. haha
Thursday. 4 Miles and yoga. I did my yoga workout right after work thinking that it would help me warm up for my run. Again, not a good idea. I was tired and only made it just over 2 miles. Since the week was so terrible, I was tired and it was hot, I didn't let this get to me. I just went inside and stretched. Then enjoyed some ice cream.
Friday. Is a rest day. I usually do the P90X Core synergistics workout this day, but decided against it. I think that my body was telling me I needed a rest.
Saturday. B and I are back on our normal weekend schedule, and it feels good! We got up and went for coffee (we go to a new one every weekend, and think we topped our last favorite this week!), then decided to try a new We headed to the local Sports Authority and got some rackets, balls and a TON of other stuff we thought we needed. It was a successful trip. We headed out to the courts with a friend who plays and taught me how to swing correctly. It was so much fun. B and I found another new sport to do together!
Sunday. 6 mile run. I decided that on my long Sunday runs I would go to a different location instead of starting at our house. My friends were telling me about Liberty Park. It is home of walkers, runners, bikers, rollerbladers, an aviary, swing sets, tennis courts and the occasional Laire fights. It also had a 1 1/2 mile loop around it that is covered partially my trees and blocked from wind. I decided to try it out and was the best decision I made this whole week for my workouts. It was a beautiful morning and with all the other active people out, it made it feel like my own personal race and gave me the motivation to push myself. I don't know if it was the elderly people running or the woman pushing a stroller and running with her dog, but I finished the run in under an hour! Thank you Liberty Park!
This week was a crazy week, not only for my workouts, but work. The weather was hot, our air conditioner started making some weird noise and seems to have not worked quite as well this week. But this Sunday run really brought my spirits back up.

5 weeks down, 9 to go.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer's finally here and I have been so tired these last two weeks I can barely enjoy it! SO DEPRESSING!
I can't get up in the A.M. to do anything and after work all I want to do it bum around on the couch and watch Bravo TV, ha.
If anyone has any ideas to get me back to normal I will take them!! Or if you have any fun things to do during the summer...I am game;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Week 4 has come and gone and boy, this week was a KILLER! B and I got home Monday evening and then headed up to PC to pick up Izzie, got food and headed home. No workout for me and it was a much needed rest. I was BEAT this whole week from the running around we have been doing during the month of June. I was absolutely ready to hang out at home this week!
Tuesday. 3.5 mile run, my first workout since my long Saturday run in Mandan. I didn't get up early to run, so had to do it after work. It was SO SO hot out on Tuesday night and I wanted to stay away from the traffic, so I decided to use the treadmill. Bad Idea. I only made it 2.5 miles. I was so tired, I couldn't get into rhythm and had no breath. I was upset, but I'm sure most of it was from the past weekend, so I just headed home and did a good cool down and stretching.
Wednesday. Again, no morning run. It was hot again out so I decided to either wait or run later on the treadmill. I did my arm workout first, and since it had cooled off enough out, I took it to the pavement. It was initially a 2.5 mile run day, but since I did that on Tuesday I ran 3.5. It went a lot better and realized that part of my horrible run the night before could have been because I was running inside. It seems easier when you run outside because you HAVE to run back. I decided that I should just make sure I do my runs outside instead.
Thursday. Another 3.5 mile run. No morning run", "I need to relax", "traffic" or my new favorite, Bravo TV. Surprisinly, I decided to skip the outside run and went to the treadmill again! HA, but I made the full run, with "The Housewives of New York" keeping me company.
Friday, rest day. I even skipped the P90X workout. B and I went and got some great movies and had a wonderfully relaxing night of movies and junk food. We also took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was so beautiful! What a great way to end the work week.
Saturday B got me up early to go to a bike ride he was doing. It was his first canyon road bike experience and he did such a good job! After, we both did the P90X Kenpo workout together. WOW, it was so hilarious to watch B do the workout I hardly made it through I was laughing so hard! The rest of the day we spent relaxing and later our newly married friends came over for some drinks and catching up. They also had a busy last month with a Wedding (yay!) a new home and then a honeymoon! It was great to catch up!
Sunday. The big one. 5 miles. B and I slept in, I then cooked our morning breakfast (I haven't been able to do that in a long time) and we finished a movie from the night before. We then spent the rest of the day watching movies. The "Predator" movies to be exact. B went to the new one in the theatre on Friday and so we watched the original one on Sunday. We decided to watch the second one and then "AVP" (Alien vs Predator). I lost track of time and by the time we were going to start the last one, it was 8! I almost didn't do the workout, but B and I took a break and headed down to the clubhouse to workout. Again with the treadmill, but I ran the full 5 miles.
I can safely say that it is getting easier for me to run, after mile 2 and I get a rhythm going. This next week starts the full 4 mile runs during the week. I am going to make sure to get up in the A.M. to get these done! I have also decided that one reason it may be hard for me to get through these runs is because I don't think of anything other than running! When ever I ask people what they do to help with their long distance runs the usual answer is they think about all the things going on that are stressing them out and it relaxes them. The only thing in my life right now that is stressing me out is running! I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Friends

I added a couple of new links on my blog.
Both are amazing blogs so you should check them out!
Run Knit Get Hitched is a blog written by a friend with so many wonderful wedding ideas. I wish B and I got married this year to use some of them!

studio N photography is a blog by a good college friend of mine. From her blog you can link to her website and contact her to set up any sessions!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

Week 3 of running has come and gone. I can honestly say that I did all the workouts and ran all my miles (for once;).
So I have decided that Mondays are the worst day possible. No running (which is good) but it is leg day. Last time I did my leg workout, I was hardly able to get in and out of cars the next couple of days. I did the workout, but didn't use as much weight and didn't push myself to the extreme. Needless to say, Monday went OK.
On to Tuesday. New week and new distances, 3.5 miler. It is FINALLY summer here in the SLC which is great for weekends, but during the week running in the heat is very draining. I am happy to say that I have gotten up early every morning and ran in the A.M. It is a little more peaceful and not as busy or hot in the morning, and the major plus side is that after work, I can relax for a bit, get and idea of what I want to cook for supper and then do my workout. Also, since it was a new distance, I found a new route to run and really enjoy (mostly for the shaded areas). Cardio is my P90X workout at night and I can say it is also getting easier!
Wednesday I had 2.5 miles and arms at night. My A.M. run didn't go too great. It was windy out in the morning. I remembered the last time it was windy and I ran as hard as I could and then was beat, so I tried to keep the same pace for the entire run as best I could. I made it, but it wasn't good and I was exhausted. Anyone who knows me knows how clumsy I am. At the end of my run, seriously across the street from my house, I tripped on a raised section of the sidewalk and almost ate it on my grille. Luckily, I have quick reflexes and caught myself before I lost my tooth and skinned up my knees. It was busy at this time, there is construction on that road and all the workers were out. I'm sure it made everyones day who say this, a girl tripping over herself and failing all over the sidewalk. Haha!! It was a sight to see. Again, like last week, arms are my fav so I made it through those no problem.
My last day of running for the work week, Thursday, another 3.5 miler. I did my same (new Fav) route, but my knee was a little sore from Wednesday's blunder and I found it a little more tiring than Tuesday's run. Halfway through the run, I was almost thinking about walking a little to rest, but Jay-Z's On to the Next One came on my iPod and gave me the boost to finish it! Yay. It always seems the right songs come on at the right time!
Friday, B and I left after work to head back to ND for B's 10 year reunion and of course his favorite holiday, Mandan Xmas. We got in later that evening on a direct flight, which was very nice, but they decided not to turn the air on the plane and we ended up on the most uncomfortable flight I have ever experienced! Once the doors opened in the Bizzo, we all instantly felt the humidity, and it didn't help out. We were met my B's family and went home to bed.
Since Saturday was the big bash and night out, I decided to get up early and get my long (5 mile) run in. It's better to do it on a morning when I didn't drink all day before it. I found a great route that went by our old place in Mandan and the golf course. It also worked out to have the wind behind me when I was heading back. I finished in record time (around 50 mins!) and in time to get ready for morning pancakes and the Art Fair downtown. We went with B's dad and family and met his grandma and some of her friend's their for breakfast. After we walked around a while looking at all the goods. B's grandma got me a great little crafty ring and I found a little surprise gift for my sister. We made it back in time to get some stuff in order before guest started arriving. Some of my amazing friends came to Mandan to help us celebrate and hang out for the day and night. B also saw some friends he hasn't seen in a while. It was good weather, well better then last years, and a great turnout. We then headed down to the bar where the reunion was being held.
Sunday we rested. We were so beat from the day before, B made us breakfast and we got in a quick nap before we headed up to B's mom's house for the afternoon. We had a blast hanging out in the pool and working on our tan. Some friends came over to say hi as well. We had a great time visiting with B's mom and family before we headed back to his dad's for the big fireworks.
We were so tire, but we enjoyed some fireworks and some more food (of course) before we went to bed.
Monday, our flight was set for 6 P.M. so we had time to go out on the pontoon in the A.M. before we had to get ready to leave. B's mom picked us up and we had a quick meal before we left. Our flight was better this time around, not as hot, and before we knew it we were on our way to get Izzie and head home. It feels good to be home and not have any trips planned for a while.