Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Month

So the first month is over (wow is all I can say). Although it may have gone by fast for some, the days were slow and all flowed together for me. I could never remember which day it was and just did my best to get through each day. 
The first week Piper duped us. She slept well and ate and that was mostly all. The first time she make a squawk my mom, Ben and I all said "oh Cute!". We only had a couple big melt downs that first week that made me cry along with Piper but thankfully my mom was here to help. She took her so Ben and I got some sleep. 
The second week up until this week all blended together. We think she may be a little colicky (my biggest nightmare). She cries when she is not eating or sleeping but getting her to take a nap or go to bed is so hard. she just fights her sleep all the time. 
So that along with the struggle I had breastfeeding, I am happy this first month is over!

What Piper loves:

  • To be held up to her dad's chest. 
  • Her bath time
  • Her best friends are her hands and the door to her room. She loves to look at it! 
  • The bouncy chair
  • Our morning walk
  • To eat (she takes after her dad)
  • Windows
What Piper hates:
  • To be changed, clothes and diaper
  • To wake up and not be eating THAT SECOND
  • Going to sleep
  • Her car seat
  • When I drink coffee (totally sucks for me)
This week (cross your fingers) has been a little better. Mostly because she is sleeping a little longer at night, I'm not counting on this but we've been cutting out one feeding at night so mommas happier. She is also staying awake more and not crying so it's fun to watch her coo at stuff and it's fun to make noises back and forth with her. So here's to hoping that keeps up and this next month gets even better