Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

Hey! It's been a really long time since I've written this post! So Welcome me as well I suppose. 

Since I was in St. Louis for the majority of May and then on a "vacation" in North Dakota for about a week and a half after that I was not eating the best or keeping up with my workouts. 
Well...I'm back at it and I have some stuff coming up to keep me motivated. In about a month I have a bachelorette party (yay!) in Vegas and B bought me some new suits for the occasion (and rest of the summer I suppose). 
This week I'm been doing great with my workouts! I couldn't be more proud of myself. Even though I wasn't running on a schedule while I was gone I was able to workout and run a few times. Thankfully it must have helped because I was able to run 3 miles or so and since I've picked it back up it hasn't been full on torture so that helps. 
I also decided to change my diet in some easy ways to help with weight loss. I'm going to cut out red meat, limit my chicken and fish and I have been having a smoothie for dinner each night. Surprising it has been very good and filling and it hasn't felt like a big change! I'm so proud of myself (it's hard to say that for me so this is a big deal!)

Anyways, Kudos to me and I hope your workouts and summer has been great as well!!

one suit B got for me. Victoria Secret found here 

the other suit B got. Victoria Secret found here 
 pictures taken from Victoria Secret Web site. 

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