Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Ok, so I know I'm a day late here. But hope everyone had an amazing 2011 and I hope your 2012 will be even better!

So I guess I should have bit my tongue and made a note to have this last week be my lazy week. I'm glass I met a goal the week before Christmas because this last week I didn't run one day. No not at all! B's brother came to visit us for a week. He got in Sunday evening, we had a great Christmas meal and then I had Monday and Tuesday off to keep them entertained. We had a very active week, walking a lot downtown, malls and PC so that's what I am substituting my workouts And boy was I sore after! hehe.
I don't need to go into a lot of details of the week, a bunch of shoes, sweaters, food and to top it off with the Jazz season opener on Friday night! So much fun and plus they even won!!

So I'll get back to running for some of this week at least. We are going to Big Sky, MT to meet some friends to go snowboarding Thursday through Sunday.

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