Monday, January 16, 2012


I took a workout hiatus after Christmas and the new year. What we had guests, don't judge me. Running was tough last week so I quite running, just kidding but I only ran one day and not going to lie it was a little tough, 1.25 miles. So running was a no go last week but I did make sure to do my Nike Workouts. I was so excited to see they updated my app and they switched their 15 minute workouts around and I have new workouts to do.
My friend also gave me a Billy Blanks Favorite Moves TaeBo workout video for Christmas. I did that one day too and my elbows were sore from fake punching something. I think I should try to get B to do that workout with me...that way I can get an ab workout from laughing at him!

In other news I got my new ottoman I have been waiting for. The most excitement in my days now, getting new furniture. But I love it!!

If anyone has any workout or diet tips for me let me great 20s metabolism is not as great anymore and I need to switch up something.
New workout DVD. Oh Billy
The chair I broke at Christmas...have a good laugh.

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  1. love the chair pic... lol! ok, i also love that video and think the person who gave it to you is pretty cool too. ;)