Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 90's called

I am obsessed with the People Style Watch magazine they have every few months.  I always break down and buy them (along with the In Touch, Life & Style and US). Little did I know when I sat down to enjoy the magazine with a glass of wine I would be brought back to my childhood! All I see are bright neon colors, floral prints and can not stop thinking of the crazy floral overalls I would wear with my bright pink shirt. Since when was that EVER cute!

Which brings me to the point that I have to find something to try this trend out. I was checking out the top season styles and think that I have settled on the color blocking or neon trend, I also want a new purse (why wouldn't I) so why not mix them together and get a bright as hell day purse!

Color Block Clutch
ok i know it's not neon but it's very cute!

Taste of Neon Clutch
I'm really into these purses. They have adjustable straps and I'm thinking it could be a cross body purse. Not to mention a $50 price tag looks amazing

Neon Stripe Flat Clutch
I like how this one has a little neutral and a little fun color

This is my best effort towards the neon trend so far

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Photos of the Day

Handwriting....B's Birthday card from my parents

A Fave photo of you...B and me at our wedding

Where I work....Twitter, duh. 

My me some boots

Inside my bathroom cabinet....some things are just too private

Green...Izzie loves her Jazz blankets


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

Cardio this week has been done through snowboarding...and wow do you burn the calories! B and I took last Monday off to hit up the slopes. It was a beautiful Presidents days spent on the hill with my hunny, and boy did we have fun!

The best part of using snowboarding as cardio is when I enter the workout on My Fitness Pal app. They have snowboarding pre-entered and all you have to do is enter the minutes you are riding and (chimes and bells ring) it loads the calories burned and it's a lot!! Very rewarding for a fun day! (doesn't even seem like a workout, my fav)
I have to admit now that I am keeping track of the calories I eat I am finding myself more excited to do cardio so I can enter it into calories burned! Again, very rewarding... I love this app! Thanks Tiff for telling me about it!
end of a fun day, peace
Also exciting is this week is B's annual Snow Jam with his friends. His buddies from all over come to SLC to go skiing and snowboarding for a few days and reminisce about the old days. It's fun to hear stories about these fools before I knew them. A small group came this year as they changed the weekend at the last minute, but it's still an amazing time and I know B looks forward to it. Saturday skiing was boys day, I decided not to go and let B have fun with his buddies but I went on Sunday. Again B and I have Monday off to hit the slopes! So excited to have another day with B and me having fun. 

Here's a pic of last Monday up on the's just a fun van of K2 snowboarding. (ps. it was an Astro Van, hehe)
another fun facetime pic with Cameron....God he is getting funny!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walkin on the Wild Side

I am obsessed with fashion blogs!! Not only do I love the style in their clothes but they also give me ideas in accessories on how to spice up my daily work ensembles. Since I don't work in an office setting I can not wear my cute dresses, skirts or heels over 3 in (lame I know) but I have been able to keep my personal style while keeping in out dress code.
Another thing that is helping me out is I now work right across from Target, YAY. I don't think that B is super excited about this but it is definitely a highlight of my lunch breaks.
Recently I have been on the hunt for a new watch. Now I have not been a huge watch person, but I love me some bracelets. Wearing bangles all day though have not been easy while typing and I think I am annoying my male coworkers with the jingling.
Here's what I have found recently:

To me they are pink, but to B and my co-worker I am told they are red. The tag says Guava so I'll take it. 

I found these online and have seen them here and here....I took a chance

I want to splurge on a Michael Kors watch, but can't get myself to spend the I'll settle for this. Cute now I just need to figure out how to size it (hopefully my Zales experience will help me out with this task)

Now I am on the hunt for a gold or two tone watch. I kind of want a more vintage looking watch and have scoured the thrift stores here in town but can not find one I like. I started checking out Etsy and Ebay for inspiration or something I love. Here's what I recently found on Etsy:

Its a cute guess expandable watch, only 25.  I'll think about it for a while until it's no longer available...typical!

New Target shoes off clearance...B's statement "oh I see you have new shoes too".  haha
Here's how I styled my animal print pants...a little fun pop of color on the top!
Bad pic in our office bathroom, but you get the idea.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Thumb (for projects)

Pinterest has really become a big staple in my daily routine. I check my emails, get update on my blogs and twitter then I am usually on pinterest the rest of my day. Back and forth checking it out. It's a great outlet for recipes, inspiration and projects. I have really gotten crafty these past few weeks. Here's a cute idea I found online and wanted to try out.

Plain shirt (I had a black shirt from Forever 21 that I no longer wore)
fabric paint (Joann's about 5 dollars, and about 20 minutes of looking. Holy crap Joann's is a madhouse)
sponge brush
freezer paper (it's expensive, and it took me about 3 stores to find it, but you can really use it for ANYTHING)

1. cut out heart with freezer paper
2. put in on the shirt
3. paint away!

so easy and if I can do it anyone can do it. I let the shirt dry about a day before I wore it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

February Pictures of the Day

Here's my photos from last week... I was feeling last Monday

Heart...Happy V-Day high tech work phone. I had this same one about 4 years ago

Something V-Day present from Benny!

Time..nuf said

Drink...My Saturday morning ritual. 

Something I hate to do....folding laundry!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

This week has been crazy, workout wise and in every other way. Work was nuts, literally working for the weekend. I was home on Monday, sick with something. I must have caught a bug and couldn't shake it over the weekend, even though I slept for about 12 hours straight last Sunday to Monday. But I got to feeling better, thanks for your concern!
Workout wise it has been better. We have been slower at work and I was able to head home at lunch and walk on the treadmill. I also broke out a couple mile runs during the week. I love doing cardio more now ever since getting that new app. My favorite is when you update the meals and then you update your cardio workout and it subtracts the calories you burned and gives you those back to your calorie intake! Yay!
Speaking of the new app, I absolutely love it! I may go over on my calories sometimes or may not workout but even though it still makes me feel like I am accomplishing things. In a weird way it works for me!! So you all should go and get it!

Here's a fun picture of the day!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Saturday...somewhat in pictures

I love Saturdays! It starts out with my fav drink and ends with another fav drink!!
Fav Morning Coffee....gotta love Bad Ass

Grocery Shopping

Cleaned....a lot!


Cleaned (again) the garage out

Did some home improvements, my brother and I decided I am a grown up now.  (pics later on this project)

gave a special lady a hair cut!!

New Nails

And now PBR

All in celebration of my big sisters birthday! She's 30 (again;) hehe

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obsessive and Insani-TEA!!

There's a store in the mall that gets me every time. Shoe store you ask, nope. Not shoes (this time). For me it is Teavana. The Tea store in the mall. I went in to replenish a tea that I had purchased around Christmas time. "Did you want to try another kind as well" honestly no, but try I did. I tried a couple more. They trick you by waving the smell of the container in your face so you just can't resist it. It didn't stop there, "did you need new containers, we have some great decorative ones?" the tea lady said. But no fear, I held my ground on that one and just got the plain containers;) 

My new obsession

All in all I can't be that mad. I have never had better tea in my life and I have been feeling sick so it's good timing. 
ps. no i don't share my tea. sorry
pss. when I do my shoe shopping Ben turns into my dad and tells me I have too many shoes!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nail Art

Happy V Day! I decided to get a little festive this year and got some inspiration from Maegan over at Maegan.  


Finished product

I did the opposite on my toes, but don't want to put a picture of my feet on here. 

I did the heart just on one finger, but it is surprisingly easy if you follow Maegen's advice. This will be great for Ben and y date tonight. We are heading out this year for V-day braving the crowded restaurants this year. Thankfully I have a very generous spouse who is willing to take me out for a great dinner!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I would give anything to be around this adorable face everyday!!

February Pictures of the Day





Self Portrait

Makes me Happy, My Tumblr
Inside my Closet...My wedding dress