Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

This week has been crazy, workout wise and in every other way. Work was nuts, literally working for the weekend. I was home on Monday, sick with something. I must have caught a bug and couldn't shake it over the weekend, even though I slept for about 12 hours straight last Sunday to Monday. But I got to feeling better, thanks for your concern!
Workout wise it has been better. We have been slower at work and I was able to head home at lunch and walk on the treadmill. I also broke out a couple mile runs during the week. I love doing cardio more now ever since getting that new app. My favorite is when you update the meals and then you update your cardio workout and it subtracts the calories you burned and gives you those back to your calorie intake! Yay!
Speaking of the new app, I absolutely love it! I may go over on my calories sometimes or may not workout but even though it still makes me feel like I am accomplishing things. In a weird way it works for me!! So you all should go and get it!

Here's a fun picture of the day!

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