Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

Cardio this week has been done through snowboarding...and wow do you burn the calories! B and I took last Monday off to hit up the slopes. It was a beautiful Presidents days spent on the hill with my hunny, and boy did we have fun!

The best part of using snowboarding as cardio is when I enter the workout on My Fitness Pal app. They have snowboarding pre-entered and all you have to do is enter the minutes you are riding and (chimes and bells ring) it loads the calories burned and it's a lot!! Very rewarding for a fun day! (doesn't even seem like a workout, my fav)
I have to admit now that I am keeping track of the calories I eat I am finding myself more excited to do cardio so I can enter it into calories burned! Again, very rewarding... I love this app! Thanks Tiff for telling me about it!
end of a fun day, peace
Also exciting is this week is B's annual Snow Jam with his friends. His buddies from all over come to SLC to go skiing and snowboarding for a few days and reminisce about the old days. It's fun to hear stories about these fools before I knew them. A small group came this year as they changed the weekend at the last minute, but it's still an amazing time and I know B looks forward to it. Saturday skiing was boys day, I decided not to go and let B have fun with his buddies but I went on Sunday. Again B and I have Monday off to hit the slopes! So excited to have another day with B and me having fun. 

Here's a pic of last Monday up on the's just a fun van of K2 snowboarding. (ps. it was an Astro Van, hehe)
another fun facetime pic with Cameron....God he is getting funny!!

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