Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 90's called

I am obsessed with the People Style Watch magazine they have every few months.  I always break down and buy them (along with the In Touch, Life & Style and US). Little did I know when I sat down to enjoy the magazine with a glass of wine I would be brought back to my childhood! All I see are bright neon colors, floral prints and can not stop thinking of the crazy floral overalls I would wear with my bright pink shirt. Since when was that EVER cute!

Which brings me to the point that I have to find something to try this trend out. I was checking out the top season styles and think that I have settled on the color blocking or neon trend, I also want a new purse (why wouldn't I) so why not mix them together and get a bright as hell day purse!

Color Block Clutch
ok i know it's not neon but it's very cute!

Taste of Neon Clutch
I'm really into these purses. They have adjustable straps and I'm thinking it could be a cross body purse. Not to mention a $50 price tag looks amazing

Neon Stripe Flat Clutch
I like how this one has a little neutral and a little fun color

This is my best effort towards the neon trend so far

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