Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obsessive and Insani-TEA!!

There's a store in the mall that gets me every time. Shoe store you ask, nope. Not shoes (this time). For me it is Teavana. The Tea store in the mall. I went in to replenish a tea that I had purchased around Christmas time. "Did you want to try another kind as well" honestly no, but try I did. I tried a couple more. They trick you by waving the smell of the container in your face so you just can't resist it. It didn't stop there, "did you need new containers, we have some great decorative ones?" the tea lady said. But no fear, I held my ground on that one and just got the plain containers;) 

My new obsession

All in all I can't be that mad. I have never had better tea in my life and I have been feeling sick so it's good timing. 
ps. no i don't share my tea. sorry
pss. when I do my shoe shopping Ben turns into my dad and tells me I have too many shoes!

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