Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walkin on the Wild Side

I am obsessed with fashion blogs!! Not only do I love the style in their clothes but they also give me ideas in accessories on how to spice up my daily work ensembles. Since I don't work in an office setting I can not wear my cute dresses, skirts or heels over 3 in (lame I know) but I have been able to keep my personal style while keeping in out dress code.
Another thing that is helping me out is I now work right across from Target, YAY. I don't think that B is super excited about this but it is definitely a highlight of my lunch breaks.
Recently I have been on the hunt for a new watch. Now I have not been a huge watch person, but I love me some bracelets. Wearing bangles all day though have not been easy while typing and I think I am annoying my male coworkers with the jingling.
Here's what I have found recently:

To me they are pink, but to B and my co-worker I am told they are red. The tag says Guava so I'll take it. 

I found these online and have seen them here and here....I took a chance

I want to splurge on a Michael Kors watch, but can't get myself to spend the I'll settle for this. Cute now I just need to figure out how to size it (hopefully my Zales experience will help me out with this task)

Now I am on the hunt for a gold or two tone watch. I kind of want a more vintage looking watch and have scoured the thrift stores here in town but can not find one I like. I started checking out Etsy and Ebay for inspiration or something I love. Here's what I recently found on Etsy:

Its a cute guess expandable watch, only 25.  I'll think about it for a while until it's no longer available...typical!

New Target shoes off clearance...B's statement "oh I see you have new shoes too".  haha
Here's how I styled my animal print pants...a little fun pop of color on the top!
Bad pic in our office bathroom, but you get the idea.

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