Monday, April 23, 2012

Escape Artist

After work one day I came to to a very excited Asia jumping at me at the door. Normally this would make me so happy, which it did, but it concerned me a bit as to why she was not in her kennel! Last week I bought Asia a new kennel. We have a great pop up kennel I found for Izzie and it just has so much more room that a normal kennel. So I set out to find another one. I was at Big Lots and they only had a very large kennel which we didn't need so I asked a worker to call around for me to the other stores. They found one and put it on hold for me. It ended up being different than the metal crate, it was fabric. B and I had seen these before, but were unsure what to think of them. I was un-sure if I wanted it but after the worker told me that is what he used for his dog I decided it shouldn't make a difference (plus I confirmed I could return it). We got it home and Asia took to the kennel, for the first day anyways. She soon started pawing at the mesh door and put a small hole it it but we were sure she couldn't dig her way through it. So when I came home and Asia was out I was certain that she just broke through the mesh and trashed the house, poop everywhere and ripped up toys. Izzie was anxious in her kennel but when I got up to Asia's fabric crate I noticed it was not ripped, it was just unzipped! Yep, my smart little dog learned how to unzip her crate. It was so funny and I can report that she did not trash my house. I guess she is smarter than I could have ever known. 

asia's kennel, notice the little tear

this is the lock, turns out b didn't actually "lock" the zipper. i still don't know how she moved it, but i made sure to teach b how to lock the kennel. 

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  1. ha! that's a little funny... animals are so smart & sneaky, aren't they?

    hope you had a great weekend! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter.}