Friday, April 6, 2012

High Five Friday

"IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY  something something FRIDAY"
I think there is a song about that or something but anyways, I am linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk...

1. Asia! She is my fav (along with Izzie!), so happy B and I decided to get this cute little peach. We finalize the adoption tomorrow!
ps. she's so funny, this morning she was so excited she slid on her side when she got to the bottom of the stairs! her little feet were going faster than her body

2. Saturday is TOMORROW! B and I have the funnest day planned and I can't wait until this rainy day is over!

3. Shopping! I got some great nude shoes, jean jacket and cute wrap sweater! 

love the rack! great find
4. Fashion Star. Anyone else obsessed?!

have to say i love j simps no matter what!
pic via
5. Oh, and did I say I'm excited for Saturday! Not only do B and I have a fun day planned together we are going to American Reunion Saturday! I can't wait!!

Ok, so I realized most of this isn't from this week but I just can't wait for the weekend!

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