Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Singing the Blues

One problem I have when I shop is I want to make sure that everything I buy is versatile and something that I will use and it's not a waste of money. We've all been there, buying something you may love but not practical (like a mid-length tutu see through type skirt found at the consignment store for next to nothing that is still hanging in my closet never been worn but I had to buy is because it's SO Carrie Bradshaw) so I usually give my self the restriction of buying something that I can merge into my work clothes but also will be able to wear in other ways as well. I want to get the most wear out of my clothes because I am one to get something and then only wear it once or not at all. For instance I will find something I want but wait so long to purchase because I don't want it to be a waste. Then, I usually purchase said items when they are out of style! 
Since H&M moved into SLC I have been able to find some of the best items to add to my wardrobeIt's so fun going there because they have amazing pieces that I am able to wear to work and then out in about for fun, date nights and other events. And because it's not expensive I don't ever have buyers remorse even if it's something that I may not be wearing to work or something I only want to wear for a fun event. 

In saying all that I found these nice blue skinny pants at H&M for 12.95. They are amazing for work because they don't drag on the ground and are high wasted (it makes me feel skinny;) and also are good for a fun night out to give a little pop in color. 

stella and dot bib necklace i love

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