Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

Back on Track!

Got my running groove back this week. I don't mean I'm breaking records I just mean I actually ran all my "running days" and did some other workout the rest. (not Friday, Friday I ate cheese dip, cookies and a lot of wine) I even up'd the anty this week and added some extra miles. Good for me and my summer bod trying to get back on the scene! 
Today was the last of my "running days" B and I had a great day we did some FaceTime with my sister and nephew, coffee, lunch date and then a movie! After all that I have to say I was beat, I took a nice quick cat nap and then B and I headed down to the workout room. I went there contemplating how many miles I would run, I told B that I wasn't sure how long I would make it but I decided to just work toward 3 miles, after 3 I decided to do another 1/2 mile, but after that what's another 1/2 mile to make it an even 4 miles! Yay for me I did it and I think I realized that after about 3 miles for me I get my rhythm going and can go for-EVA! (not really) 

In other news, I had a fun week hanging out with some friends a couple nights, drinking wine and catching up. B and I also had a great Saturday hanging out with our pups. We found a new little dog park close to our house and we got our morning coffee, headed over and watched the dogs chase each other and other dogs. Asia is a goofball to say the least! They had a ton of fun and had to get a bath when we got back from all the wrestling and running around!

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