Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm negligent

Although I love to read blogs I have thoroughly neglected my own.
It's not that I don't enjoy updating everyone (again mostly Heather and possibly an aunt;) on my activities, it's just that I am a generally boring human being. When I am not working (right there a boring topic) you can usually find me on my couch catching up on my DVR. There, that right there is a topic I love and can talk about, how much I love our DVR! I am completely 100% addicted to every reality TV show on Bravo, VH1 and the Oxygen Network. Literally...it is borderline a disorder. Now after saying that I can officially say that this year there will not be an" Update from a Mad Runner". Not only have I learned I really am a mad runner and completely dislike running except for the results (ahem, hot bod), I can only do a workout now when I am in front of my TV. I actually start my DVR and do a Nike workout right in my living room as the only thing that motivates me to get through my work day is my excitement to get home to watch my hour long, drama filled entertainment. This is the excitement of my life.
What can I tell you, I am officially lame. I never thought it would happen, but here I am 26 and stuck in a rut! I do need some motivation this summer. What would you like to hear me write about?
Let me know what exciting hobby you want me to try out, test, eat, cook, transform or get creative with. This does exclude of course anything that would require me to 1. jump out of an airplane 2. be around disgusting creatures 3. eat disgusting creatures but not limited to 1. shopping 2. shoes 3. chocolate. They are my favorite and possibly get me motivated.
Hope you have a great day and (Heather and Lori) let me know what you think!!


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  2. Oh Leslie...I love how you know your readers!!! Stay tuned for thoughts??
    Even though you find your life boring, you find a way of writing it that entertains others :-)