Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Training has come to a halt!
Last week was not a great training week for the half, and not good timing as it is coming up!
I think going back to work in the office may be part of it. My rotation position is over and I'm back to my little cubicle. Morning work outs are out of the question and after work I was not feeling the runs.
This weekend I was able to get a little longer run in but not where I should be at, I'll try to pull it out this week!

B and I had a very relaxing weekend. Movies, movies, football and movies.
Friday night our newlywed friends had a housewarming party. They purchased a beautiful home and have been painting and decorating and showed it off on Friday. They have done such a beautiful job on it, it makes me motivated to decorate our place!
We slept in both Saturday and Sunday, watched movies and hung out! How boring awesome! I do not want to go to work tomorrow!!
We also hit up a football game on Saturday night. A high school football game, it was so much fun! We were there until midnight and it was so nice out. We'll have to do that again for sure!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogs full of Clogs!!

Wow. Are clogs really going to be in the fall line up! I can not even believe this, I had the best clogs back in high school, they were black and fur lined and wedge bottom, totally hip and comfortable back then in the cold winters of ND.
Hearing this trend a few months back I was unsure of what to think. But after reading this blog I am SO tempted to get a pair. It's crazy to see how many trends are similar to the 90's clothes. Flowers, jumpers and now clogs...what's next CK jean bibs! (I would be lining up to get a pair;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

Uh Oh!!

Only 4 weekends until the big 1/2 marathon!!
My training has hit a wall. I make it through my weekly workouts and then the weekend comes.... and my energy/ambition is no where to be found. I'm not too concerned at this point. I felt find on the longest run I made (yes, it was my eight mile run and yes it was almost 3 weeks ago).

Well, I can take into account that it will be down hill and the atmosphere will give me energy;)

On another note!! Friday was my birthday we had a great dinner with great friends! I am so thankful for everyone who thought of me! Saturday, B and I were lazy (well mostly I was) and possibly a minor headache. Oops! But I did want to make it feel like I was 22 again.

Sunday Funday. We went tubing again! This time it wasn't as calm. B and I flipped are tubes about 10 TIMES! Three and a half hours later and a lot of bruises, we ended up in SLC and had a great dinner.

I am looking forward to a relaxing week, getting back into my workout routines and working for the weekend! Summer is almost over and we are going to take advantage of it!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Last week was an uneventful workout week for me. I made it through my leg workout on Monday, my 5 mile run on Tuesday and was able to discourage myself from doing my 3 mile run on Wednesday. I was out in the sun and wind all day and felt I was "owed" a night off. Thursday B took the day off and when I got home after work I was able to again talk myself out of my 5 mile run. We had plans to meet up with some friends that night. They weren't able to go, so B and I went out for an early meal by ourselves. It was so nice out, and still early, and we didn't feel like going home yet. We took a stroll around Sugarhouse Park. We watched the geese and ducks in the pond and had some laughs. Friday, again, no workout for me. I used the excuse again how much I deserved a night off.
Since it was our anniversary this weekend, we got a hotel up in Park City for Saturday night to hang out and do something different. We got up and got a quick breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot...Einstein Bagels. Oh how long it has been. We then did a workout together, how fun, packed and dropped Izzie off at our very nice friends house to play with their little dogs and up we went. We hit up the outlet mall, found some amazing deals and headed to our hotel to do some swimming. After our laps, we got ready, went to the hotel bar and then downtown PC for an amazing dinner. We went to Prime Steakhouse, which was recommended to me by a co-worker, and had the best steak of my life (sorry dad!). They had an amazing deal going on, by one entree get one free. It worked out good for B and I. We were at a little romantic table and were able to have some time to ourselves before heading out on the town. We went to a few bars to enjoy the night life, music and talked with a guy we met out that went to the same college as us.
Sunday we went for breakfast and then back to Main Street to check out some more stores. They also had their Park Silly Sunday Market going on and Farmers Market. We check both out and had a blast. We found the cutest painting of a dog that looks just like Izzie. So when we got back to the valley we got a frame to hang it in our house, by far the best thing we found the whole weekend.

It is getting close to the Half. My training schedule ends 2 weeks before the race. I am planning on running the same distance during the week but may increase some of the weekend distances. Wish me luck to keep it up!!
Success in marriage depends on being
able, when you get over being in love, 
to really love...You never know anyone
until you marry them.
Eleanor Roosevelt

I found this poem in a bride book B's mom gave me last year during a bridal shower. I read through this book every once in a while, it has cute stories about brides, wedding traditions, poems and recipes. I came across this quote and it fits so well with where we are at right now in our marriage.  B and I had a nice conversation during our anniversary dinner last night. I love how much we have grown as a couple, how we are able to talk about everything and how helpful we have both become for one another. One thing I have really noticed, any why this quote means so much, is how much I have become to know about myself since B and I have been married. being with him and seeing how he handles everything that I do makes me understand myself better and I can't thank anyone more that my amazing husband! Thank you Ben for all you do, being you and always loving me. I feel so blessed for every day since we met. Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


So I have been at this for about a year. Blogging has become a great hobby and I am learning a lot! I have been trying to keep my blog up to date with the Schmidt's life and also have found some amazing blogs to follow. It has become part of my web browsing schedule! I check my email, (you know, update on the news;) and then my blog!

My new favorite blogs are style blogs. Learning how to use your current wardrobe and what you can do with it. Check out Kendi's blog for some great style inspiration and try her 30 for 30 challenge, where she takes 30 pieces of clothing, shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants and shoes, she mixes them up for 30 days. It's amazing how many outfits you can make. Oh and you can't shop during the all! It helps you use your creative side keeps you from spending that hard earned moola!

Since we bought our home, I have been trying to save money and haven't been shopping as much as I did last year this time. Also, I went through my cloths before we moved and realized how much stuff I buy and wear once or twice and get rid of! It's so frustrating! I am planning on going on a few shopping binges and then try this challenge out myself!

Another blog I love, and got me started on this new interest, is this blog. She takes ideas from all of my beloved websites and creates the look with cloths you can find in stores we shop in. It's another great way to use your creative side to make your cloths go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Of course, I also love reading blogs of my friends and family, so let me know if you have a blog I can follow!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

I did it!!

I made it past the two week hump I was having in my running.
After last weeks debacle (not even close to finishing my 7 miler) I was not pumped for this week. Monday I made it through my leg workout. One positive I have noticed is the strength I have when I run. I can tell my legs are stronger and I realized how much the leg workout has helped me. Tuesday was another 4.5 mile run and another hot day. Of course I didn't make it up in the A.M. to get my run in and had to go after work. It was BRUTAL! I had the Garmin on to help me out and took off ready to take on the run. I had a good 2 mile run and then hit a wall and got a bloody nose. Yep a bloody nose from running! WOW, unsure why that happened but I just wanted to get home and lay down after that. Wednesday was a 3 mile run is my shortest run of the week. Using this Garmin instead of G-Map has made my runs longer. I think that sometimes with using any map website it doesn't get the miles down exactly right.....very close, but if it is off even a little bit and you are hot and tired, boy do you notice. Thursday, another 4.5 mile run. I didn't want to do it, I tried to find a reason (any reason) not to do it! I sucked it up and went to the club house to use the tread mill. Anytime I have to use the treadmill I feel like I am using it as a cop out and not really working on my time and runs. But on the contrary, it ended up being a great decision. I think it helped me realize I can't do a Prefontaine and try to bust out my miles, but learn to pace myself. The treadmill definitely helped me do this and brought my confidence back up a little bit.
Sunday oh Sunday, the day I dread all week. I had an 8 mile run calling my name. I tried to get up in the morning, but the second B asked me to lay down with him longer, I didn't put up much of a fight. We went and got our morning coffee and ran a few errands and then we up to a little cafe in the canyon for brunch with friends. It was such a fun and beautiful morning. The wait was long, but it was completely worth it! B and I then went to a mall, got my jewelry cleaned, a little shopping out of my system and then back home to rest!! We watched some TV then B drug me down to the clubhouse to get our workouts in. I decided that if I felt like I couldn't quite make the 8 miles, I would at least work for 7 since I didn't make it the week before. But with the help of Bethany Getting Married and Mean Girls, I made it the whole run, and learned that the treadmill only works for an hour and after that you have to start it over again. Completely annoying! Good thing I looked down and realized before my distance disappeared and knew the miles I had ran so I could start the machine over again. YAY, so happy with myself, and it made me feel better to realize that I only have 5 short miles longer to make a 1/2 marathon distance;)

On another note;

Friday night B and I had an early supper (for us) and then headed to our friends pool to hang out. It was a semi nice night out and we had some good laughs watching Jersey Shore before we left to go home to hit the hay. B had a bike ride early Saturday morning. He rode in the Ulcer Bike ride, a 111 mile bike ride around Utah Lake. He finished it in 5:25:00, 106 miles. Apparently they had to shorten the ride because of some rode construction. I was so happy for him, the furthest distance he rode so far and has improved extremely since getting the road bike. He is starting to ride it more during the week which I think has really helped and has some great friends that he can ride with and learn from. I am so happy that B has found a fun hobby that he loves!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Last week in July has come and gone. It seems like the summer just started.
This week of running did not go to great. I only ran Tuesday and Thursday, 4.5 miles both times. It was so warm during the day, I waited until later in the night to go for my runs. We got a new toy, a Garmin, which is AMAZING! It has satellites and maps the distance you run, the time and you can hook it up to a Web site and it will show you the calories you burned! Tuesday after my run, we went up to PC to visit some relatives who were in the area for a Softball tournament. Wednesday I was out in the sun working all day the only thing that sounded good was a glass of wine with dinner. I think I deserved a night off. I think it helped with my run on Thursday, it felt good.
Friday, B and I went out to eat with my good friend Jennifer for her birthday and cake after! It was so good to see them again, Happy Birthday Jen!
Saturday, B got up early and went for a long bike ride with some friends. When he was done we got ready to go tubing down the Weber river with some friends I haven't seen for a while. It was so much fun and I think B and I found a new fun way to relax on the weekend! We hit up a home cooked Mexican Restaurant in a small town near by. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching movies. Sunday, same thing. Being a bum. I spent the day watching ANTM a cycle I haven't seen. I didn't make it out to do my run on Sunday. I have today off so I got up early and headed to Liberty Park to do my long run. I didn't quite make it the entire distance, I kept getting stomach cramps that I couldn't get to go away.
I have been keeping up with the weights with P90X and mixing up some of the other workouts when I have the energy. I can tell with my running, the leg lifts I have been doing are helping with my runs.
Now it is August, my favorite month of the year. We have our first anniversary coming up, my birthday and next month I'll be heading to Minneapolis for my sister's baby shower!