Monday, August 2, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Last week in July has come and gone. It seems like the summer just started.
This week of running did not go to great. I only ran Tuesday and Thursday, 4.5 miles both times. It was so warm during the day, I waited until later in the night to go for my runs. We got a new toy, a Garmin, which is AMAZING! It has satellites and maps the distance you run, the time and you can hook it up to a Web site and it will show you the calories you burned! Tuesday after my run, we went up to PC to visit some relatives who were in the area for a Softball tournament. Wednesday I was out in the sun working all day the only thing that sounded good was a glass of wine with dinner. I think I deserved a night off. I think it helped with my run on Thursday, it felt good.
Friday, B and I went out to eat with my good friend Jennifer for her birthday and cake after! It was so good to see them again, Happy Birthday Jen!
Saturday, B got up early and went for a long bike ride with some friends. When he was done we got ready to go tubing down the Weber river with some friends I haven't seen for a while. It was so much fun and I think B and I found a new fun way to relax on the weekend! We hit up a home cooked Mexican Restaurant in a small town near by. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching movies. Sunday, same thing. Being a bum. I spent the day watching ANTM a cycle I haven't seen. I didn't make it out to do my run on Sunday. I have today off so I got up early and headed to Liberty Park to do my long run. I didn't quite make it the entire distance, I kept getting stomach cramps that I couldn't get to go away.
I have been keeping up with the weights with P90X and mixing up some of the other workouts when I have the energy. I can tell with my running, the leg lifts I have been doing are helping with my runs.
Now it is August, my favorite month of the year. We have our first anniversary coming up, my birthday and next month I'll be heading to Minneapolis for my sister's baby shower!

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