Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update From a Mad Runner

I did it!!

I made it past the two week hump I was having in my running.
After last weeks debacle (not even close to finishing my 7 miler) I was not pumped for this week. Monday I made it through my leg workout. One positive I have noticed is the strength I have when I run. I can tell my legs are stronger and I realized how much the leg workout has helped me. Tuesday was another 4.5 mile run and another hot day. Of course I didn't make it up in the A.M. to get my run in and had to go after work. It was BRUTAL! I had the Garmin on to help me out and took off ready to take on the run. I had a good 2 mile run and then hit a wall and got a bloody nose. Yep a bloody nose from running! WOW, unsure why that happened but I just wanted to get home and lay down after that. Wednesday was a 3 mile run is my shortest run of the week. Using this Garmin instead of G-Map has made my runs longer. I think that sometimes with using any map website it doesn't get the miles down exactly right.....very close, but if it is off even a little bit and you are hot and tired, boy do you notice. Thursday, another 4.5 mile run. I didn't want to do it, I tried to find a reason (any reason) not to do it! I sucked it up and went to the club house to use the tread mill. Anytime I have to use the treadmill I feel like I am using it as a cop out and not really working on my time and runs. But on the contrary, it ended up being a great decision. I think it helped me realize I can't do a Prefontaine and try to bust out my miles, but learn to pace myself. The treadmill definitely helped me do this and brought my confidence back up a little bit.
Sunday oh Sunday, the day I dread all week. I had an 8 mile run calling my name. I tried to get up in the morning, but the second B asked me to lay down with him longer, I didn't put up much of a fight. We went and got our morning coffee and ran a few errands and then we up to a little cafe in the canyon for brunch with friends. It was such a fun and beautiful morning. The wait was long, but it was completely worth it! B and I then went to a mall, got my jewelry cleaned, a little shopping out of my system and then back home to rest!! We watched some TV then B drug me down to the clubhouse to get our workouts in. I decided that if I felt like I couldn't quite make the 8 miles, I would at least work for 7 since I didn't make it the week before. But with the help of Bethany Getting Married and Mean Girls, I made it the whole run, and learned that the treadmill only works for an hour and after that you have to start it over again. Completely annoying! Good thing I looked down and realized before my distance disappeared and knew the miles I had ran so I could start the machine over again. YAY, so happy with myself, and it made me feel better to realize that I only have 5 short miles longer to make a 1/2 marathon distance;)

On another note;

Friday night B and I had an early supper (for us) and then headed to our friends pool to hang out. It was a semi nice night out and we had some good laughs watching Jersey Shore before we left to go home to hit the hay. B had a bike ride early Saturday morning. He rode in the Ulcer Bike ride, a 111 mile bike ride around Utah Lake. He finished it in 5:25:00, 106 miles. Apparently they had to shorten the ride because of some rode construction. I was so happy for him, the furthest distance he rode so far and has improved extremely since getting the road bike. He is starting to ride it more during the week which I think has really helped and has some great friends that he can ride with and learn from. I am so happy that B has found a fun hobby that he loves!

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