Sunday, August 15, 2010

Success in marriage depends on being
able, when you get over being in love, 
to really love...You never know anyone
until you marry them.
Eleanor Roosevelt

I found this poem in a bride book B's mom gave me last year during a bridal shower. I read through this book every once in a while, it has cute stories about brides, wedding traditions, poems and recipes. I came across this quote and it fits so well with where we are at right now in our marriage.  B and I had a nice conversation during our anniversary dinner last night. I love how much we have grown as a couple, how we are able to talk about everything and how helpful we have both become for one another. One thing I have really noticed, any why this quote means so much, is how much I have become to know about myself since B and I have been married. being with him and seeing how he handles everything that I do makes me understand myself better and I can't thank anyone more that my amazing husband! Thank you Ben for all you do, being you and always loving me. I feel so blessed for every day since we met. Happy Anniversary!

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