Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Last week was an uneventful workout week for me. I made it through my leg workout on Monday, my 5 mile run on Tuesday and was able to discourage myself from doing my 3 mile run on Wednesday. I was out in the sun and wind all day and felt I was "owed" a night off. Thursday B took the day off and when I got home after work I was able to again talk myself out of my 5 mile run. We had plans to meet up with some friends that night. They weren't able to go, so B and I went out for an early meal by ourselves. It was so nice out, and still early, and we didn't feel like going home yet. We took a stroll around Sugarhouse Park. We watched the geese and ducks in the pond and had some laughs. Friday, again, no workout for me. I used the excuse again how much I deserved a night off.
Since it was our anniversary this weekend, we got a hotel up in Park City for Saturday night to hang out and do something different. We got up and got a quick breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot...Einstein Bagels. Oh how long it has been. We then did a workout together, how fun, packed and dropped Izzie off at our very nice friends house to play with their little dogs and up we went. We hit up the outlet mall, found some amazing deals and headed to our hotel to do some swimming. After our laps, we got ready, went to the hotel bar and then downtown PC for an amazing dinner. We went to Prime Steakhouse, which was recommended to me by a co-worker, and had the best steak of my life (sorry dad!). They had an amazing deal going on, by one entree get one free. It worked out good for B and I. We were at a little romantic table and were able to have some time to ourselves before heading out on the town. We went to a few bars to enjoy the night life, music and talked with a guy we met out that went to the same college as us.
Sunday we went for breakfast and then back to Main Street to check out some more stores. They also had their Park Silly Sunday Market going on and Farmers Market. We check both out and had a blast. We found the cutest painting of a dog that looks just like Izzie. So when we got back to the valley we got a frame to hang it in our house, by far the best thing we found the whole weekend.

It is getting close to the Half. My training schedule ends 2 weeks before the race. I am planning on running the same distance during the week but may increase some of the weekend distances. Wish me luck to keep it up!!

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