Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just a little something....

I came across these pictures last week with my girls from high school. I think the top is from our Cancun trip and the bottom state track both senior year. I can't believe how long ago this was!  Miss you ladies!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Party And Others

The weekend is such a refresher. Especially from last week. I don't know why it was so long but I was thankful for the weekend and am ready to get to work today.

As all of you know the Olympics started this last Friday. B and I decided to through together a small impromptu get together with some good friends. Did anyone else watch the opening ceremony? Was anyone else as lost as I was during it. Highlight of the ceremony was the guy behind the Queen who totally milked the 30 seconds of air time he had! SO funny.

Saturday was a good day. We got up early, did a workout, got my hair did, picked my friends garden, got my coffee and then hit the couch for some relaxing before a night out to celebrate my birthday sister's early birthday party. It's always a good time at the Westerner with these crazy people.

Sunday was LAZY even for me.
Hair Before
Hair After
party decor
Birthday Sister
B and Me

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

Good week for workouts! 
After taking a break for a week it felt nice to get back on it. Actually, let's be honest I hate working out and doing cardio but I do like to look good in my shorts for the summer. 

Also I have been researching how to get rid of cellulite.  As it sounds it seems like there might be nothing I can do about it but can possibly try to limit how bad it gets. Lots of cardio with intervals of walks, jogs, sprints and some leg lifts are what I was doing all week and during work. 

Anyone have any other ideas on what to do to keep cellulite off legs!?

ps. i took today off to enjoy "friends" and some arby's much needed

Saturday, July 28, 2012

And....We're Back At It

Hello again cute outfit! You know when you actually try to look nice when your coworkers tell you you actually got dressed up for once. Yep, a coworker noticed that I actually tried to look nice...I have to mention that it was a "he". They never notice anything so I must have really been looking a fool for a "he" to say something!

Scarves are my friend in the winter (it helps keep my long neck warm) but I've noticed a lot of blogs with these thinner summer scarves. Even with the 100 degree weather I wanted to try it out and not only was it a fun addition it was surprisingly not too hot. 

ps. i did not wear the heels to work because i unfortunately can't so i had black flats with the cool ankle strap (they're cool for flats i swear!) but i wanted to take the pic with a cute heel on since i never get to wear them! Oh and my good friend took my pics for me!

Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five Friday

Did this week fell like it was NINE days long! Seriously, TGIF! 

Here's what helped me get through the week. 

1. Figuring out a new haircut. I have a hair appt tomorrow and I'm excited to switch things up! Anyone else think hair appt are the best?!

2. Putting a little color back into my daily work ensemble. Fun colors helped (maybe a little) me get through the days. 

3. The finale of the Bachelorette! I love that show and thankfully so does B, and we can enjoy, making fun of and ridiculing all the contestants. Oh and Bachelor Pad started...even better. 

4.  Enjoying fun summer nights in the SLC. 

5. Olympics start tonight! 

Don't forget to link up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk and tell everyone your favs from the week. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Into...

Planning our anniversary..3 years baby!

Searching for the best present for B (see above)

Light makeup for summer

Finding a new haircut

Talenti Gelato

Pinterest Quotes

Catching up on my reading (magazines)

What are you into this week?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Thank god it's Tuesday. I don't think Monday could have went fast enough. I don't like to complain so I just want to say some dark chocolate ice cream and this pic helped me through it. Oh yeah and the Bachelor Pad!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

Well Hello! It's been a while I know.  Last weekend was spent in Vegas with a group of girls for a bachelorette party!

Vegas was an amazing time. A friend of mine that I met in SLC when I first moved here moved back home to the East coast and I haven't seen her since her move. So not only were we able meet up again this past weekend and pick up where we left off we were able to celebrate her upcoming nuptials with some of her favorite ladies! 

This last week I took off for a much deserving break. Not only have I been working very hard this summer but I got a terrible head cold which just reminded me that sometimes your body just needs a break from it all. So after work I was heading home and hitting my bed!
I have really been working it out this summer. I think more than past years because I have noticed a huge change in my body. Turning 27 was an eye opener for me. It sounds so weird to say or even write down but I can tell my body has really changed.  In some ways I love it and some I hate it. It's like I'm just going through teenage puberty. My hips are getting bigger, my face is breaking out more and when working out the changes are coming a little slower than they used to. It's frustrating but I know that it's just the way it is so I'm just rolling with the punches!

Anyways, thanks for letting me break it all down. I am finally feeling a little better, just a little stuffed up but should be gone soon. I'm going to start hitting the pavement again next week so wish me luck!!

Since I haven't blogged much this summer I wanted to leave you with a smoothie recipe. I have been eating smoothies for dinner for the last few months. It's quick easy and even though B doesn't like fending for himself for meals it's been a good change for me and helped with my workouts.

Green Monster Smoothie
I found this smoothie recipe at Pintrest, of course. I tried this out but switched it up a bit for my particular tastes. 

I first want to note that I don't measure out ingredients when I cook, make smoothies, etc. So this is all approximate measurements. 

1 c Almond Milk
2 Large scoops Greek Yogurt...or plain, vanilla or whatever yogurt you use. 
1 scoop Protein powder
1 Bananas
Fill the rest of the blender up with spinach. 4 c?

Blend until smooth and then liquify until the spinach is ground down. I like to refrigerate for a little bit to cool it down. Also if you make too much it can sit in the fridge overnight or during the day. 

This is the easiest smoothie I've ever made and it's so good. You can only taste the banana and it's a good kick start to the day or a nice dinner after a workout!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Into...

Memories of my Vegas trip and meeting some amazing ladies! We had an amazing time!

My bed. I missed it.

Puppies. Last night was the first time in the 5 years I've been a dog owner that we had to deal with a sick dog. It's scary and hard since you don't know how thy are feeling. I may have over reacted but I don't care cause Asia seems to be doing good.

My new lipgloss.

Tea. Feeling under the weather and nothing makes it better than a nice cup of tea.

Planning my anniversary. Three years this August!

Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five Friday

I'm so excited to write today's post. Not only is it Friday but I am so excited to hit the road for a fun road trip with a good friend. Not to mention we'll be busting out Salt-N-Pepa CD and "push it, push it real good"

Here's my favs from this week.

1. Road Trip To VEGAS!

2. Pool Time In VEGAS!

3. Seeing My Good Friend For Her Bachelorette Party In Vegas!

4. Night Clubs In Vegas!

5. Oh Yeah, Did I Mention We're Heading To Vegas Baby!! 

Don't forget to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to tell us of your favorites from this week!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Lovin'

So it's been a while since I've done an outfit post. So here we go.
I like summer I don't love it. I know, I know it's weird. Most people think I'm crazy, but the way I see it fall is the bet season. It's still nice out but you need some layers, no jackets yet. There's college football and tailgating. Then winter is right after, which since I've moved to Utah (and only since I've lived in Utah) has come to be my favorite season. It's not as cold here as you would think and we do more in the winter than we do any other time of the year.
But this year I've been trying to enjoy the summer more, I've been trying to find a "summer" hobby. But I don't like to run, expecially when it's so hot, I don't bike, hike, garden. We've played tennis, golf and gotten in some pool time this year which has been fun. So if you have any ideas for summer let me know!

Anyways it's been about 100 the past few days so I thought these floral pants would bring my summer spirits up during this hot weather.

Friday, July 6, 2012

High Five Friday

Well it's my second Friday of the week but the only good one so here are my fav's from this past week.

1. Quality pool time with my girls.

2. Bloody Mary bar!

3. Fun chat with my nephew and him showing off his muscles.

4. "Magic Mike"...so fun ladies! 

5. A great 4th of July with some amazing friends!

Don't forget to link up with Lauren at From My Greg Desk and let us all know your fav's from this week.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sue Me

I've been horrible at blogging, I know this. Apparently spending time laying at the pool, watching "Friends" episodes and taking naps qualifies to me as being "busy".

Since I've been back from STL I feel as though I've changed back to how I was when I was younger.  I'm find humor in everything, I don't get too worked up over the little things and I feel happier. Which is amazing! So even though I've been "busy" being lazy and haven't had time to do my "bloggin" I'm ok with that cause I'm having fun!

So I'm giving you my thirteen year old self....."sue me".