Saturday, July 28, 2012

And....We're Back At It

Hello again cute outfit! You know when you actually try to look nice when your coworkers tell you you actually got dressed up for once. Yep, a coworker noticed that I actually tried to look nice...I have to mention that it was a "he". They never notice anything so I must have really been looking a fool for a "he" to say something!

Scarves are my friend in the winter (it helps keep my long neck warm) but I've noticed a lot of blogs with these thinner summer scarves. Even with the 100 degree weather I wanted to try it out and not only was it a fun addition it was surprisingly not too hot. 

ps. i did not wear the heels to work because i unfortunately can't so i had black flats with the cool ankle strap (they're cool for flats i swear!) but i wanted to take the pic with a cute heel on since i never get to wear them! Oh and my good friend took my pics for me!

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