Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five Friday

TGIF! So my blogging has been a little light lately. Sorry about that I've just been by doing nothing.

Here's my top favs from this week.

1. It's light out until 10. How fun I never want to go to bed!

2. I got a pedicure. I think my last one was last fall so much needed and a fun morning with some friends is always fun.

3. Green monster smoothies. Super obsessed this week.

4. Fun nails! Getting a little creative!

5. Watching the entire season 1 of "friends". I've never seen them all and wow they are so funny!!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five Friday

Hells yeah it's Friday and I got a big weekend to look forward to! A whole lot of nada! Can't wait!!

Here's what rocked this week.

1. Some fun in the sun!

2. Outfit planning for Vegas baby, three weeks away!

3. Treated my self.

4. An amazing girls night, catching up with friends is always fun!

5. Getting this, it makes October seem so close!!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Into

Well since it's been almost a week since I've done a post I better get to it. I just realized I have been busy doing nothing...which is awesome! I've had this idea for a post for two months now and it's just been sitting as a draft idea, so in honor of summer (which I heard starts tonight at 5:09 p.m. as opposed to last Sunday when it was 99 degrees out) I'm going to start my new Wednesday posts. 

What I'm into this week:

My Garnier B.B. daily obsession.
As always my Dry Shampoo, but  I found a new one I love because of B, Dove Dry Shampoo.
My weekly runs I've been doing with this girl. Oddly enough it's making running funner
Facebook...I've been so obsessed with Instagram and Twitter I've neglected by FB for a while.

Hope you have something that has made your week great, found something new to obsess over and something that's made you laugh!

Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five Friday

Wow. June 15th already. Where has this year gone. My brother always told me that time goes by WAY faster when college is over but I never believed him....until now. Working for the weekend really keeps me going. 

Here's my favorites from this week!

1. Running with my friend! We have been working hard and catching up at the same time. Can't beat it. 

you should check out her blog here where she talks about running, motivation and getting through life. 

2. This, nice weather, finally.

tanning weekend? i think so!
3. Sticking to my "healthy eating"! 

4. Planning this already. Something to look forward to. 

5. Golf! I golfed for the first time in a few years, dusting off the ol' sticks. 

gorgeous view from the course

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Everybody, Everywear

Yay! Everybody, Everywear is here...I love this time of month (as opposed to some others) as it helps me really look at my wardrobe and really be creative. This month was hard because half my clothes are still packed up in my suitcase, even so I was able to make this months neon challenge work! After a fun workout and catch up with a great friend we took some pics so here you go!

we're both rocking neon's and bright colors

back to the grind

glow in the dark shoes

Image 4970

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

Hey! It's been a really long time since I've written this post! So Welcome me as well I suppose. 

Since I was in St. Louis for the majority of May and then on a "vacation" in North Dakota for about a week and a half after that I was not eating the best or keeping up with my workouts. 
Well...I'm back at it and I have some stuff coming up to keep me motivated. In about a month I have a bachelorette party (yay!) in Vegas and B bought me some new suits for the occasion (and rest of the summer I suppose). 
This week I'm been doing great with my workouts! I couldn't be more proud of myself. Even though I wasn't running on a schedule while I was gone I was able to workout and run a few times. Thankfully it must have helped because I was able to run 3 miles or so and since I've picked it back up it hasn't been full on torture so that helps. 
I also decided to change my diet in some easy ways to help with weight loss. I'm going to cut out red meat, limit my chicken and fish and I have been having a smoothie for dinner each night. Surprising it has been very good and filling and it hasn't felt like a big change! I'm so proud of myself (it's hard to say that for me so this is a big deal!)

Anyways, Kudos to me and I hope your workouts and summer has been great as well!!

one suit B got for me. Victoria Secret found here 

the other suit B got. Victoria Secret found here 
 pictures taken from Victoria Secret Web site. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

High Five Friday

Holla! It's Friday again and I am so excited for the weekend. This three day week really got to me;)

Here's what I loved this week. 

1. I am back on track to get into swimsuit shape and I am so excited about it! Being gone for a month and not cooking and planning my own meals has been hard so I decided to change up my eating habits for a while as well and incorporate smoothies in for a daily meal. Yum. 

protein smoothie

2. DIY'd Jorts....see DIY instructions here

3. New Specs.

and a new Sioux shirt

4. These boots. Not just any boots but these ones my MIL gave me. They are adorable and I can not wait to wear them. 


 5. Although vacation and seeing family is always amazing, B and I are happy to be home and start our summer out! 

i was painting my sisters toes and mine when my cute nephew  wanted his painted so auntie painted his toes green too!!


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Made It

We're back! Vacations over, we got our pooches and back to work today.
First I am happy that I was able to post my vacay outfit posts that whole week. For some reason I always notice I always take my funnest outfits on vacay with me but it's ironic that u usually vacay in the Midwest.
Anyhoo...I am happy to post my last outfit post. Hope you enjoyed the vacation posts!

layering...just for fun
I love these pants! So comfortable and really cute!
all packed up and ready to go!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back To Life...

Back to reality.
Today's the last day of our NoDak vacation and it's a little bittersweet. It's going to be hard going back to work tomorrow but it's going to be nice to sleep in my own bed and best of all I get to see my pups!
Yesterday was a nice day for B and I we just bummed around, worked out, enjoyed the sun and a dinner with B's mom.
For the majority of my life I was, and still am, a sweatpants type of girl and didn't push the limit in my outfits on a daily basis. Like I wrote about yesterday blogs have helped me be more creative and spice up my daily outfits. So here is a before and after pic of what I wore yesterday.
morning attire. post workout and post tanning
evening attire dinner at my MIL
new H&M shirt and my J Bella pants, also my comfy (believe it or not) Steven by Steve Madden shoes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's A Jorts Thing

I love reading blogs, it's my thing. When someone asks me what my hobbies are B always says blogs. I guess he's right. There are so many reasons to like so many different blogs but the main reason I love them so much is the inspiration. These women have such a talent and inspire me to do so much even if it's something as small as trying a new lipstick color or hair do!
Here I followed an easy DIY to make an old pair of Forever 21 jean shorts a little more funky for summer.
This was my outfit the day after the wedding, a comfy little number to be hungover and drive three hours. It was also the only day we were able to get out on the river with B's dad so I can't complain.
white J Bella shirt with my Jorts, and of course my fav shoes;)
close up

 ps. I Spy DIY has amazing and I mean Amazing DIY's to try out!! I also need to pick up her book! Check out her blog here!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Green With Envy

Yesterday was the big day. My big bros wedding day. It was gorgeous out and the wedding party, ceremony and bride and groom just made the day even brighter. Its always great to see family and friends but even better to see my brother so happy. Nothing is better than knowing someone you love is as happy as my brother and his new bride. Congrats to both of you!

Before and after all changed up for the big day. Green dress won the votes!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The 70s

Does anyone else think that when you're on vacation time goes so fast? I know we don't go back until Tuesday but I know these last few days will just fly by.
Friday was one of those days. We finally got my passport applied for, breakfast made and then ready for the day to start, but we were waiting for my sister and family to get here and it felt like forever! Then the afternoon just flew by after they arrived.
I love these black pants I found. Kohls LC brand on sale, best find in a while.

Ps it's my bros wedding day and I'll post my winning dress tomorrow!
obsessed with perfecting my top knot!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Things Friday

Almost forgot today is Friday! Time flies when your having fun!

1. Had some fun with friends!

2. New pants. Always makes me happy.

3. Went to the dentist clean bill of health, well no cavities at least.

4. Applied for my passport. October can't come soon enough.

5. My brothers wedding tomorrow and I get to see this guy real soon!

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From My Grey Desk

Bright and Shiny Day

Yay for a nice day, finally, and we sure took advantage of it. I finally found some fun mint green pants and was so excited to wear them. I also met up with friends and got to meet my good friends little girl. She is the sweetest thing ever!
Fun green pants and I love my high shoes! Almost as tall as B in these things. 
accessories are a must
sweetest little girl ever! Elodie and her mommy walked over a visited on a beautiful evening.