Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Into

Well since it's been almost a week since I've done a post I better get to it. I just realized I have been busy doing nothing...which is awesome! I've had this idea for a post for two months now and it's just been sitting as a draft idea, so in honor of summer (which I heard starts tonight at 5:09 p.m. as opposed to last Sunday when it was 99 degrees out) I'm going to start my new Wednesday posts. 

What I'm into this week:

My Garnier B.B. daily obsession.
As always my Dry Shampoo, but  I found a new one I love because of B, Dove Dry Shampoo.
My weekly runs I've been doing with this girl. Oddly enough it's making running funner
Facebook...I've been so obsessed with Instagram and Twitter I've neglected by FB for a while.

Hope you have something that has made your week great, found something new to obsess over and something that's made you laugh!

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