Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back To Life...

Back to reality.
Today's the last day of our NoDak vacation and it's a little bittersweet. It's going to be hard going back to work tomorrow but it's going to be nice to sleep in my own bed and best of all I get to see my pups!
Yesterday was a nice day for B and I we just bummed around, worked out, enjoyed the sun and a dinner with B's mom.
For the majority of my life I was, and still am, a sweatpants type of girl and didn't push the limit in my outfits on a daily basis. Like I wrote about yesterday blogs have helped me be more creative and spice up my daily outfits. So here is a before and after pic of what I wore yesterday.
morning attire. post workout and post tanning
evening attire dinner at my MIL
new H&M shirt and my J Bella pants, also my comfy (believe it or not) Steven by Steve Madden shoes.

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