Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's been forever...'s been a while since I posted on here.
Not too much has happened with us. We have been busy with work and with the winter of course we've been spending the rest of out time at the mountain. Ben and I have started a new work schedule through June. We are working Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week is open to us as long as we have our work caught up. We have usually been heading to the office for a few hours either Wednesday or Thursday and trying to go snowboarding the other days. We usually hang out and run errands on Friday.
Other than that, not too much is new. We have been slowly making our house a home and it is fun to get it decorated, it makes it so much more cozy in here!
My friend Michelle drove through Salt Lake a few weeks ago and we were able to visit with her for a day. Then Ben's friends came down to ski and snowboard for a few days that same week. It was such a great time and they just missed a huge snowstorm that started the day after they left.
Ben's dad is coming to visit next week, hopefully we find enough stuff to do to keep them occupied and enjoy their time here! It's stressful to have visitors! I'll just have Ben find stuff to do.
Well....I guess that's all for now.

Here is a couple pictures of Izzie's new haircut!