Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Cheft here I come!

I started doing my ab workout tonight with the TV was Top Chef, which I haven't watched since college. My college roomie was into the show, so of course I watched it with her and loved it. I don't know if it was the show, but I came up with the BEST burger tonight I have to share it with you.
Since B and I are going back to ND this week, I have been trying to get rid of food in our fridge/freezer. So I grilled up some pre-made burgers and since I have been craving a Red Robin burger, so I thought of frying up an egg with it. Of course you need to put something else on a burger, so I pulled out some ingredients in my fridge and whipped up an amazing sauce to go with it! I was thinking of something like the Utah favorite fry sauce (ketchup and mayo mixed) but didn't want to go that unhealthy, so I remembered my Greek God's Traditional Yogurt I had in the fridge. This is a great substitute in anything that you can use mayo with (I have used it to make a coleslaw before as well). I also had an opened can of diced tomatoes in sauce. In my Rachel Ray cookbook there is a list of ingredients to keep on hand at all times, plus with B's obsession, we have a ton of different mustard's available at all times. So I scooped up some Greek's Yogurt, the tomatoes and mustard into a bowl and I must say WOW, it was the best topping that could have gone with my burger and egg! I put it all together on a piece of bread for an open faced sandie!!

Burgers (any kind you want, pre-made, turkey, etc.)
Egg (fried i.e. crack it open and break the yoke, once first side cooked, turn to the next side)
Greek God's Traditional Yogurt
Can of Diced Tomatoes
Spicy Brown Mustard
Cheese, your favorite
any additional burger toppings you like!!
Cook burger and egg
once done, melt cheese on top of burger
Spoon in yogurt, mustard and tomatoes. Just mix to the amount you need and what makes your mouth water. (I used a big spoonful of yogurt, 2 of the tomatoes and squeezed in some mustard)
make your burger up and enjoy!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

So I am definitely getting into this routine of my running and P90X workouts. I still am not enjoying running, but hanging out/talking to my friends about running, I am trying to get into the swing of things. I think that my biggest problem is I am SO competitive with myself I never think that I am running fast enough. This week I have worked on keeping a slow and steady pace on all my runs.
.Monday...I just came back from my trip late at night (5 p.m. late, but seemed so much worse from driving all day long!) so to bed I went. No workout for me and I didn't feel bad about it.
.Tuesday...3 miler and cardio. The miles went good, I ran the first half against the wind, and again my personality made me run like S&P (Push IT) and by the time I had the wind at my back I was pooped. I'm going to blame that on my lungs, and being in a smokey bar in Lisbon all weekend.
.Wednesday. Just a quick 2 mile run then arms and back. I think that Wednesday is my favorite day. Not only is it already half through the week, but it is my shortest run and I get to do my arms workout. I love my arms day, I am seeing results in the arms and Tony's workout buddy is HILARIOUS! My 2 mile run even we really well. Maybe just this week because it was so nice out on Wednesday and I had my new Eminem CD on my ipod that I ran to. Everyone is right and it is way better to run to music you enjoy instead of thinking about how much you hate running! Ha.
Thursday. 3 miles and yoga. So, since it was so hot out last week, I decided to get my butt up in the a.m. and do my run first thing. So I actually did it, but used our treadmill at the clubhouse and enjoyed and old favorite, Saved by the Bell. It was the Christmas episode where Zach and the gang befriend a homeless girl and her dad. After the tearfull ending with Zach's mom inviting them to stay, my run was over. I went to work so proud of myself and after I was supposed to do my yoga workout, but for some reason I couldn't get myself to do it. It's easier for me to do the P90X workout once I am already sweaty from running and for some reason, I hate the yoga workout with Tony. I love it otherwise, but I don't think he knows what he is doing and it makes me mad. I guess I'll use my other yoga video.
Friday. REST! Yay! B and I had to go to Logan, UT this last weekend for the MS Bike ride. B did it this year and I am so proud of him. My sister usually does the ride, but took this year off and I am happy to report that someone else in our family stepped up and did it. i.e They are still taking donations, so if you want to donate, you can go to Ben's Facebook page to donate or you can do it directly here.
Saturday..I went for a quick run and checked out the town. Logan it so pretty and green! and since it is a little higher altitude, it was a little cooler. B did the ride and I even got a quick pic of him finishing then off to the pool we went! We spent the rest of the evening relaxing with friends.
Sunday. My long run. 4 miles to be exact. I had mapped out a run prior to leaving, but once we go to the fairgrounds, my map was all backwards so off I went to check out the scenery and take in the morning. I slept in a little more than everyone else, but when I got up, I was ready to take on the world (or the road) and I came back to a camp full of sleepers, so I did what I usually do on Sunday morning and got to cooking breakfast. I can even do it over a small travel stove!
What a week. Busy little road warrior and this next weekend we are back in ND. Mandan to be exact for B's 10 year reunion, the Annual Mandan x-mas and family time. Don't worry, we are flying this time;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


How do you save money?!?! I'll take any idea possible!
Since B and I have taken the plunge and bought a town home, I am trying to do as much as I can to save some MOOLA! We are still OK as far as bills go (don't worry mom's) but I definitely want to cut corners as much as possible for things that we really want to get/do, like a honeymoon.
I have been checking out online a bunch of good ideas and came up with a few:
.eat at home more, which we have been doing since our wedding. Getting a crock pot made meals easy for me and gave me the ambition to try out other recipe's as well.
.don't drive as much. This has been easy for us because we do work together and only have one gas bill for the vehicle that we use. Also these last few months I have been able to walk to work three days out of the week because I am working across the street.
.electric and gas bills. I control the thermometer at our house....enough said.
.get rid of the trite bill. Done and done. No more tanning or gym membership for me. We now have a small community gym at our community we get to use, and getting workout videos that I can use at home have worked well for me.
.renting movies instead of theatre. B and I love a night out at the movies and we used to go to one a weekend until recently. We have been renting more, and having HBO movies has been very nice and help with the bank account.
.cut out meat in meals. Haven't tried this yet, but I read using beans instead of meat for some meals can help save some money. If you have any good recipes for beans, please let us know!
.Not shopping as much! Very hard for me as I would like to get a new outfit everyday. I am going to start keeping track of how long I go without shopping! As much as I can remember, it has been since Memorial Day. Give or take a few;) Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

Week two was not as bad as week one, mostly because I was traveling and only ran two days!!
Last Wednesday after work I left for a road trip back home, just a little drive (18 hours to be exact!). I met with a classmate up in ID and we drove most of it together.
Monday I started getting ready for the trip and did my legs workout on P90X. WOW, I have not done that workout in a long time and my oh my did I get sore. And when I say sore, I mean barely able to get in and out of a car.
Tuesday was a 3 miler, which I will proudly say I ran the whole thing. I was so sore from Monday that I was dreading this run, but knew that I had to. After work I was awestruck with The Housewives of New York reunion show, which was giving me good reason to hold off on my run. I've never seen an episode, but since I didn't want to head outside, it sucked me right in. It was nice out on Tuesday, but very windy which reminded me of our amazing club house with the treadmill in it. I bolted down to make sure I could get the treadmill as it is usually being used when I go in there. Luckily it was empty and I finally figured out the TV and got my run in. It went but not well as my legs went numb. After my run I decided that since I would not be available to do all my workout the next day I better do my arm workout. P90X here I come and made it through the arms and back. While in the middle my shoulders were tired, and that's when I realized that the legs workout is actually legs and back! Two back workouts in a row for me.
Wednesday is a 2 mile run, I was planning on getting up in the am and run this, but anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person so the snooze button was hit a couple of times! After work I headed up to Pocatello, ID and met with my friend for the amazing ride home. We made it to my parents house on Thursday no workout for either day! My mom and I did head out for a walk that evening but it was so windy we only went for about a mile.
Friday my newly engaged friend Michelle was in town with me and I had planned an amazing eventful day with all the Crazy Day activities going on! We did make it out for a walk in the am before we started out the day.
That night was the first of two days of booze and friends. My good friend Jenna hosted the evening for our class before we headed out to the new bar in town. It was a fun night, which is all I will say.
Saturday morning, 7:26 I woke up and got ready for a 5k race that was being held for Relay for Life starting at the High School Track. I got ready and my mom and grandma came with me to cheer on the runners and snap some pics! I am happy to report that I ran the WHOLE time, not too fast ( I finished in 30 minutes) but taking into account the night I had before, it went very well. Also, it must have helped me sweat out some alcohol because I was ready to go for the day.
Since I ran the 3 mile race on Saturday, I didn't do my run on Sunday morning. That and we left Sunday night for our long drive home, I didn't do anything other than rest on Sunday.
We made it back, finally, around 5 pm on Monday. Enough time to shower and get my stuff in before Ben came home and made me supper, then off to bed. I was beat.
I think because of the week I had last week, I will stick to my week two of training to catch up. I have something going on the next 2 weekends, so I will do my best to get this training back up to where it needs to be!
Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My weekly update...running is not fun

Like I stated in my previous post, I am planning on running a half marathon this fall, so running I go. )I found Hal Higdon's novice running program online and started on Monday. I really like that workout day as it was no actual running and just strength and stretching! Because I saw myself last weekend in a swimsuit I decided that I better really work my butt off (literally) to get into shape for this next weekend (back to NoDak for an All Class Reunion!) so as ambitious as I am I decided to head to our complex club house to hit the treadmill for a quick mile run, quick weights and a P90X workout.
Tuesday was "THE DAY" that the running started. A mere 3 mile run, nada to most, but to me it was a tough day. I started out OK, which is my problem, I can not pace myself! I made it I would guess about 2.5 miles. It was the only nice day in SLC and in the blazing sun I was trying to push through the heat (my arm felt like it was on fire) and then oops, I hit a stupid rock path which almost caused me to eat it on my face and I gave up and walked the rest of the way home.
Wednesday, day 2 of my running, was a 2 miler or cross. I decided running was going to benefit me more as I am still doing the P90X workouts as well as the running (seriously, I only have a week to tighten it up!). I have been using Gmaps Pedometer to get the miles down. I mapped out a 2 mile run and it seemed just around the block! I went after work and felt as though it started out OK, felt great and strong. The sun again was hot (I have the start of a farmers tan) and I made it maybe 1.5 miles, then cut some corners and walked the rest of the way. I was so frustrated!
Thursday was yet again another 3 miler. I was SO frustrated from the first 3 miles run that I couldn't start this run out with a clear conscience. At about the end of the block, I decided to take a different route, one that I had mapped prior for a 3 mile run. This route was on a main road, which kind of helped me keep a good pace and there was so much going on it kept my mind off of how horrible running is! I made it home, I was so happy and excited because it felt so good! I decided to re-map the run and to my was 2.3 miles! Aaahh! I was so upset, but on the other hand it was reassuring as how better this one run was then my previous attempts. So onto yoga I went and told B of my mishap when he came home.
Friday is an off day, and because the long run was on Sunday and P90X on my Friday is a leg routine, I thought I would switch the leg workout to Monday, with Cardio X. I did some bike in the AM with an ab workout. Saturday was Kenpo X, which I absolutely LOVE. It refreshes my legs and it a fun workout.
The dreaded Sunday 4 Mile run was upon me. There was no way I thought I was going to make it! I spent Saturday night with a friend of mine who it really into running, and just finished doing a Marathon that morning!! We had a great night on Saturday, sushi, wine and the next morning an amazing breakfast (with Bloody Mary's of course;). My friend gave me some great running pointers, but of course, I put off my run for later Sunday. There was no pep in my step to get this run done, so when B went off for a bike ride with his friend, I decided I better get this done. I again had a 4 mile route, which ran down my our old place ( and it seemed so FAR!) so I yet again remapped a new route and made a new playlist, consisting of all the greats (Britney, Eminem and some rap) and off I went. I started my pace a little slower than I did on the other runs, and felt great, for once! I was at mile 2 when the morning Bloody Mary kicked in so I stopped at a gas station to use the rest room. I felt a little better so off I went to finish the run, I started getting the dreadful "drop" on my run about a mile from home and kicked it in a little bit. Anytime I got a little to much bounce going on, my stomach ache got a little worse. I kicked it in a little bit and made it home feeling good (as far as the run went) but I had to get inside. I was at our garage opener, but in my tired stupor and the pain in my stomach, I could not seem to remember the code! After about 4 tries I thought I was going to pull a Charlotte and started to walk over to the park across the street to use the restroom. I didn't think I would quite make it so I tried the garage one more time and got it open!! I made it home, happy with my run, happy that I have a day off tomorrow, and excited to know that I only have 3 days of work this week until I leave for L-town! I am so excited to see friends and family!

Pictures of the last few months

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

So, summer has not officially started here in SLC yet. It has been on off showers most of the days with a few sunny days peaking in every once in a while, and we have been trying to take advantage of these days.
Last week Wednesday, B and I headed out of SLC to NE for a visit with some great friends and a beautiful wedding (Congrats Lance and Steph!) and the weather was so amazing! I was able to finally pull out all my dresses and tanks that I haven't been able to wear in SLC. Of course when we are gone, the sun finally made an appearance in SLC and now...RAIN.
So terrible!!
B wanted to go for a bike ride last night, but packed it in as the wind was picking up and it was getting late. I on the other hand have been trying to stick to a running schedule. My friend Jenn has decided to run a half in September and I figured no better time to do one as well! We are great running partners. If it wasn't for her I don't think that I would have ever decided to start running again! She motivates me to do it. Thanks Jenn!
Next weekend I am heading back to the roots for an All Class Reunion. My good friend Jason, who lives in ID, and I are going to road trip. A long trip for a couple of days, but I know it will be worth it. I also get to see some other friends. My good friend Michelle just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and she is in ND this summer (she has been in OR for the past couple of years).
I am planning on running a 5k for Relay for Life back home with some friends, I am going to wait to register that day in case I have too much fun on Friday night;)
Next of rock climbing and trip!